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ELISA is what you need to host successful live shopping events and bond with your customers. Let software take care of the administration while you boost your business.

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What is

Live Shopping​?

Live shopping is buying products or services showcased in a live video stream – typically on Facebook or Instagram. To order a product you just write a comment as explained by the host in the video. If the live shopping event is supported by software, you will receive feedback within seconds.
It's super convenient
It's a social shopping experience
Ask questions and get response live
It's entertaining
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Why is selling live

Such a good idea?

It’s all about visibility and being present where consumers will find you.

Live sales attract a lot of comments and are therefore rewarded by Facebook and Instagram in reaching more views.

Friends are curious, so they will join. And high interaction results in the video being seen by more consumers.

Boost your revenue
Interact personally with your customers
Increase your level of visibility
Expand your customer flow
Get started in 3 simple steps
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Register account

Simply connect with your Facebook account and choose the page you want ELISA to interact with. It only takes a few seconds and you will be ready to explore.

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Set up your campaign

Easily connect with integrations that fit your business (webshop, payment & shipping) and create a campaign. Our team is always ready to help you set everything up.

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Start your first live

You are now all set! All you need is your smartphone (and a ring light, if you are really fancy). Congratulations and good luck!


Check out what our customers think about us
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The robot saves us a huge amount of time and makes it super easy for us to host live events that create commercial value. We customize Elisa’s solutions ourselves to suit our brand identity – and it’s both easy and intuitive.

Karen Tolbøll Nielsen

Content Responsible

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Elisa has had a great influence on our live strategy and our digital presence. It has become easy to target and measure our live performance, and the tool has played a big role in meeting our customers and their desire to interact and get really close to our brand

Pernille Schmidt

Social Media Manager

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All we need is a smartphone and a few microphones – then we can go live. ELISA takes care of everything else, so we can actually go live without any planning. ELISA sends out all sorts of links during our shows; purchase links, links to specific landing pages, links to sign up for our newsletter, and more.

Maria Lykke Hansen

Head of Marketing

Optimise your live shopping events with ELISA integrations
Save yourself a lot of time by integrating your existing solutions with ELISA. Follow tutorials for every single integration we have or contact our team of experts to help you set them up and running!​
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Features for easy and effective live selling

ELISA is a complete solution for setting up and running live shopping campaigns. Our platform is a perfect fit for businesses of any size and it can be easily adjusted to fit your business needs.

Multiple checkout options for any business type

ELISA can be customised to fit your needs. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store, an online store, or a multichannel store, we've got you covered.

Webshop, payment, and shipping integrations

Automatically import products from your online store and choose between your favorite payment- and shipping providers.

Product signs and overlays

ELISA automatically creates product signs for you to print out. Alternatively, you can create beautiful overlays for a luxurious shopping experience.

Personalized auto-replies and Live reminders

Notify your customers when you go live and respond to all incoming comments in the blink of an eye.

Easy campaign scheduling

It is super simple to schedule your campaigns in ELISA. Simply choose when to launch and the deadline for orders.

And more than 15+ other features for live selling

We want to be the #1 live selling solution in the world, so we are constantly improving our list of helpful features.

#1 support in live shopping
How can we help you?
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Real-time tech support

Need a hand? Reach out to our team!

Our amazing team is happy to help you with anything you need, so do not hesitate to call us or book a meeting. Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question.

We are available from 9-22 (CET) every day including weekends at

Worried about language barriers?

We speak English, Danish, Dutch and Swedish Twitter (Twemoji 14.0) Twitter (Twemoji 14.0) Twitter (Twemoji 14.0) Twitter (Twemoji 14.0) 

Would you like to book a sales meeting?

Click this button to book a short meeting with one of our sales agents. They are all very nice.

Alternatively, send us a message here

Get started and launch your Live Shopping event today!

Become more visible
Enjoy personal interactions with your customers
Boost your customer flow and revenue
Get new customers from word-of-mouth

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Go Live everywhere

Host your live shows on the largest social media platform in the world.

Sell live on Instagram via Stories, Reels, Carrousels, or regular image posts.

Why choose when you can have it all? Go live on multiple channels at once.

Integrate with everything

Integrate ELISA with your online store and save hours of manual work.

Offer multiple payment options to make sure that payment is never an obstacle.

Integrate ELISA with your preferred shipping solutions and let automation take over.

Tons of great features

Before your live event

Preparation is key. Schedule your campaign, set up Live Reminders, and more with ELISA.

During your live event

Let ELISA take care of the administration so you can focus on your customers.

After your live event

Continue selling after your event with features such as waitlists and abandoned cart messages.


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