A complete Live Shopping solution for Facebook and Instagram

ELISA is what you need to host successful live shopping on Facebook and Instagram. Let software take care of the administration so you can focus on selling.

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We've added value for 700+ small and large companies

What is live shopping?

Live shopping is buying products or services showcased in a live video stream - typically on Facebook or Instagram. To order a product you just write a comment as explained by the host in the video. If the live shopping event is supported by software, you will receive feedback within seconds.
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Why is live sales on social media such a good idea?

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It’s all about visibility and being present where consumers will find you.

Live sales attract a lot of comments and are therefore rewarded by Facebook and Instagram in reaching more views.

Friends are curious, so they will join. And high interaction results in the video being seen by more consumers.

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Ready to get started? Follow these 3 steps!

Connect your Facebook account to ELISA

Simply connect with your Facebook account and choose the page you want ELISA to interact with.

It only takes a few seconds and you will be ready to explore.

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The connection is really easy
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Just personalize your messages and add products
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Easy setup

To become ready for your first live, just choose the integrations that fit your business (payment, shipping, web shop etc.) and create a campaign.

If you are unsure which boxes to tick, our team is ready to help you off to a good start.

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Start your first Live

All you need is your smartphone - and a ring light, if you are really fancy

Congratulations and good luck!

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Features for easy and effective live selling

ELISA is a complete solution for setting up and running live shopping campaigns. Our platform is a perfect fit for businesses of any size and it can be easily adjusted to fit your business needs.


Save yourself a lot of time by integrating your existing solutions with ELISA. Follow tutorials for every single integration we have or contact our team of experts to help you set them up and running!​

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