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User promises

We meet your needs

You are our focus, and we’re always open to your ideas and development needs. We work with you in mind.

We are easily accessible

We are always here for you. That’s why we’re easy to reach by phone, chat, and email.

We take responsibility seriously

You can always count on us. We take our responsibility towards you very seriously. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

We are here for you

We make it a priority to get to know your business needs so we can help you succeed with live sales on social media.

“The most important thing for us is happy users. That’s why we’re always available.”

Meet team ELISA


Nikolai Aas Pedersen


Nikolai makes sure that the software runs smoothly.
He developed ELISA
and adds cool new features all the time.


Christian Vester


Christian helps with strategy. He would love to share his ambition with you.


Rasmus Aas Pedersen


Rasmus is only happy when the product is perfect. This means you’re always guaranteed high quality. 



Majbrit Myrup Jensen


With Majbrit, there are no stupid questions. You can ask her about anything.


Crisis meeting in March 2020

Our story begins in March 2020, when COVID-19 just closed cafes and restaurants. Brothers Nikolai and Rasmus had a crisis meeting with their mother (Jette) and sister (Maja) about how to convert the business model of Jette’s Cafe to best offer temporary takeaway.

They decided to take advantage of comment selling on Facebook and make only two daily dishes so costs could be tightly controlled.

Restaurant terrace
Reservations and order management on Facebook was demanding

When Rasmus was busy keeping track of all the reservations and sending confirmations to customers,  some customers got upset and didn’t understand why Jette couldn’t keep a constant eye on Facebook whilst simultaneously catering for the cafe. It turns out trying to keep up with comment orders is more time-consuming than they both initially thought.

A software developer with a bright idea

At the same time this was all going on, the demand for software development significantly slowed down. This is when Nikolai had the bright idea of developing a program that could help Jette and Rasmus with the administrative burden.

Comment selling-Takeaway

In April 2020, the first version of the software was ready and so, a comment-selling robot was born. It was designed to help business owners, free of charge, who had been adversely affected by problems caused by COVID-19.

The original comment-selling robot

In May 2020, Nikolai and Rasmus were talking about the robot, and inevitably the subject came around to naming its functions. “It can do so much more than comment-selling for Takeaway! We’ll call it the “Comment-Selling Robot”.

Summer went by with trial users from cafes, restaurants, catering, and bakeries. The comment-managing robot continues to run smoothly with comment-selling on Facebook.

Live shopping
The comment-selling robot must go live

In September 2020, Nikolai was toying with the idea of developing the robot ever further; it needed to listen-in during Facebook live, and be able to handle many different products. Some of the first to start using the live robot include Pixizoo and DitUr.

Degn Topshop

In Holstebro, another family business started to adopt live shopping as a sales channel. At Degn Topshop, the family came together at a time when the shops had to close – in the same way, as Café Aas did six months earlier – and were looking to find an efficient way of continuing business.

Christian is behind the scene and setting up their live sales, taking orders etc. But he is missing automated order management. The administrative burden is overwhelming. 

A collaboration begins

Christian and Nikolai was introduced, and from there the business picks up speed. Today, ELISA is a system that makes it easy for small and large businesses alike to succeed with comment sales and live shopping.

ELISA is here to help every type of enterprise from small  independently owned stores, to large chains such as Power, Coolshop, and Name It.

IMG 7625 | Easy Live Sales
Her name is ELISA

In February 2021, a company is established around the comment-selling robot. The business potential is obvious, and during a brainstorm, 4-5 suggestions for company names are on the table.

One reads: “Easy Live Sales”.

And since many users of the comment-selling robot had started asking for the robot’s name, it all became very clear:

ELISA  – yes, the robot will be called ELISA!

Uden navn | Easy Live Sales