Automation of live sales – when growth and software must go hand in hand

Kasper Dissing

Kasper Dissing

Co-owner of

The challenge

It’s hard to juggle with too many balls in the air

At, brothers Kasper and Mikkel Dissing have created Denmark’s largest multi-brand webshop for watches. The webshop focuses on modern and exclusive watches for both men, women, and children.

The two watch enthusiasts have been offering live shopping on Facebook for several years, so they aren’t new to the game. They know that live sales can help increase their visibility and allow them to communicate with their customers in an unconventional way. That’s why they broadcast live every Monday and Thursday night.


"Live sales are an important part of our online business and growth. It's a great way for us to communicate good deals to our customers in a live format."

Kasper Dissing -

As more people began to watch, they quickly found that it was difficult to handle all enquiries and orders. They needed a solution that could ensure everyone got the right product links sent in Messenger, so they could connect the live broadcast on Facebook with their webshop.


Concept and solution

Overview and administration of live sales

In order to juggle all of their customers at the live sale, needed software that could handle the work behind the scenes – to automate the processes, and create a better overview of sales.

The solution was to set up our comment-managing robot ELISA, to facilitates live sales. The live sale now works in such a way that when customers write: “Sold (product)” in the comment section, they automatically receive a purchase link.

ELISA creates the connection between’s Facebook live feed and their webshop, ensuring that customers get sent the right product links. ELISA’s mission is to keep an eye on who orders what and to make sure that customers get the right items.

The live selling concept is something that is constantly changing, and is always seeking to optimise their options to find the best solution. Therefore, ELISA has become an indispensable part of their setup. 

"The robot has been an essential tool in developing our live auctions. It has helped organise and calculate precise conversions for our auctions."

Kasper Dissing -

ELISA helps with:

  • keeping track of how many customers have commented “Sold”
  • sending purchase links to those who have commented “Sold”
  • getting an overview of who has paid and what to ship
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The result

Geared up for even more live shopping sessions in the future

The result speaks for itself. Today, a good live video from can have 10,000 comments and more than 2,000 viewers. It would be impossible to manage without the help of automation.

"The comment-managing robot ELISA has proven to be crucial part of our live broadcasts."

Kasper Dissing -

Today, can focus on actual live sales, on communication and not the administration during live sales

“It's awesome to have a reliable partner in ELISA, with a great level of service. The people behind the live robot help develop and accept ideas and new proposals. It's been an important part of our choice of software. ”

Kasper Dissing -