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Coolshop’s viewers added products to cart worth 196,000+ euros in one single live sale

Stats from Coolshop’s live events
196,000+ euros
in basket value during one live sale
22,000 viewers
in one single live shopping event
9,000 products
were added to cart in one live show
About the customer

Coolshop is one of Scandinavia’s largest online stores. Their range is far-reaching, and in recent years, the online store has expanded its already large selection of products even more. Now, you can purchase games and consoles, beauty products, electronics, toys, and much more.

Coolshop wanted authentic and personal interactions with their customers

Coolshop was one of the live shopping first-movers in Scandinavia, and they were quick to realise that this channel could benefit many other industries than just fashion. It is safe to say that they proved their point, as it instantly became a huge success.

From the get-go, Coolshop was amazed with all the possibilities live shopping gave them. For Coolshop, live shopping was a unique way of engaging with customers. They wanted to be authentic and communicate directly with their customers in a personal manner, and live shopping was the only channel where this was truly possible. The high level of personal interaction was important to Coolshop as they were able to use humour and personality to strengthen their brand in general and gain more exposure on social media.

Now, Coolshop hosts live events focused on all product categories from beauty products to game consoles, and they host large event on occasions such as Black Friday and Christmas.

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We chose to do live shopping, as it is the only format, where we can be completely authentic and speak directly with our customers. It is a unique opportunity to communicate practically 1:1 with our viewers and build great relations with them in order to strengthen our brand.
Maria Lykke – Head of Marketing at Coolshop
Thanks to ELISA, Coolshop’s live sales are automated and efficient

To keep up with all comments and orders from each live show, Coolshop partnered up with ELISA to automate all processes. ELISA handles all Coolshop’s enquiries, responds to customers in real time, sends purchase links and other relevant links to Coolshop’s online store, and manages all parts of the live sale entirely automatically – even when the pressure is high.

Generally, setting up a live show with ELISA is extremely easy and Coolshop can go live at any time using just a smartphone. The ability to be spontaneous and host authentic live shows without having to plan the event for days is very important to Coolshop. It allows Coolshop to go live at an instant when the moment is right.

However, Coolshop is also hosting large live shopping events in collaboration with selected vendors – such as the live show held in collaboration with LEGO. These types of events require a professional setup with high quality image and sound and for this, Coolshop works with ELISA’s trusted partner Let’s Go Live. They take care of the technical setup on location and create engaging overlays on the live video.

All we need is a smartphone and a few microphones – then we can go live. ELISA takes care of everything else, so we can actually go live without any planning. ELISA sends out all sorts of links during our shows; purchase links, links to specific landing pages, links to sign up for our newsletter, and more.
Maria Lykke – Head of Marketing at Coolshop
196,000+ euros in basket value in one single live show

Since Facebook’s algorithm favours video content with high engagement, Coolshop reaches many new, potential customers with live sales. The direct interactions allow Coolshop to strengthen their brand and build close relations – without having any physical stores. Coolshop also doubles the number of visitors on their online store during and after each live show.

The stats are mind-blowing. One of Coolshop’s recent live shows had 22,000 views and another live show received 12,000 comments. During Coolshop’s series of Black Friday shows, they reached 500,000+ people and ELISA sent out 100,000+ unique links to the viewers. Coolshop has even experienced that viewers added products to cart worth more than 196,000 euros in just one live sale.

And the best part is that Coolshop has achieved all these results without spending any money on promoting their live shows.


During our series of Black Friday live shows, we reached more than 500.000 people and ELISA sent out 100.000 unique links to our viewers. In another live show, viewers put items in their baskets worth more than 196.000 euros. This is crazy! But what is even more crazy is that we have not spend a single dime on advertising our live shopping events. Now, live shopping is an essential part of our marketing strategy because the results are amazing and because it benefits other channels and marketing efforts as well.
Maria Lykke – Head of Marketing at Coolshop
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