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Coop reaches sky-high conversion rates by multistreaming from 150 stores

What Coop has gained from going live
150 stores
in one joint live sale
conversion rates both during and after their live shows
Increased sales
both online and offline
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Coop is one of the largest and oldest retail companies in Denmark. With 1,200 stores nationwide, you can easily spot familiar supermarkets like SuperBrugsen, Fakta and Kvickly, selling everything from groceries and food to bikes and barbecues. In addition to the physicial stores, Coop is also present online with a large webshop.

From one local live show to centrally managed live sales in 150 stores

For Coop, the live sales adventure started locally during the corona pandemic, when some of their stores went live as an experiment. It quickly became a success, and Coop wanted to go live with a central initiative so they could get more of their stores on board. It was, however, a challenge to get a streamlined look across all 150 stores.

The solution was central management from the service office, which now creates the live event, while the stores themselves promote it locally on each of the 150 Coop Facebook pages. If not for ELISA, this technically complicated setup would not have been possible.

The highly intelligent software system has a unique multistream feature which allows you to broadcast one live show on an unlimited number of social media pages at once. In this case, the feature is used to stream the same well-produced live show to 150 individual Facebook pages representing 150 local Coop stores – all at the same time. In this way, Coop gets their live sales out on a large scale – both locally and collectively.

Coop reaches sky-high conversion rates by multistreaming from 150 stores
We're among the very first to broadcast live to so many stores at once. That's why, in the beginning of this journey, we discovered a few things that needed to be adjusted. The ELISA team was quick to respond to the challenges that arose at the start and was also willing to tailor solutions specifically to our needs and wishes. Without ELISA, it would not have been possible for us to broadcast live to 150 Facebook accounts at once.
Julie Christine Kühne - Digital Project Manager at Coop
Tailor-made setup matches the demands of 150 local shops

Because of the unique situation, Coop got a tailor-made deal with ELISA. They needed the system to support all 150 Facebook accounts broadcasting live at once. In addition, individual stores needed to be able to host their own live shows when they wanted it. To accommodate both formats, a tailor-made setup was needed.

To make it as easy as possible for the many stores, the Coop headquarters is now in charge of creating new campaigns in ELISA and uploading new products to its database. Each new campaign created is copy pasted and applied to all 150 store accounts in ELISA. Next, the indicated product stock in ELISA is adjusted to match the actual inventory of each individual store. In this way, none of the stores risk selling items which they no longer have in stock.

The name “Coop” is based on the English word “cooperation” – and cooperation certainly plays an important part when it comes to the Coop live shopping journey. The cooperation between ELISA and Coop goes both ways. If Coop needs a certain function, ELISA develops the idea and comes up with a solution. This not only benefits Coop but also improves ELISA over time. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

The software is extremely reliable and when there have been challenges, the ELISA team has been able to help on the spot. It's also great that the system is constantly being developed. For example, we can have inventory that we can share with all 150 Facebook pages which we are broadcasting from. ELISA now also integrates with Instagram, which could be particularly interesting for us to use in the future.
Julie Christine Kühne - Digital Project Manager at Coop
Increased exposure and product awareness with multistream setup

During one of Coop’s particularly successful live shows, they invited the renowned chef and cookbook author Claus Holm into the studio. He shared great tips and also unveiled his newly launched product range. The show was live streamed by 130 local stores, all of which experienced a skyrocketing conversion rate – both during the event itself, but also in the week following the live show.

The effect was clear. Customers who had not previously known about a particular product suddenly became aware of it. As a result, Coop’s sales numbers increased significantly, not only in the comments section below the video, but also on the Coop webshop and in the many physical stores. With ELISA’s help, Danish consumers now know the Coop products better, while Coop remains top-of-mind with consumers both during and after each live show.

The big live shows are usually hosted by Coop’s own category managers – sometimes together with a celebrity like Claus Holm. The category managers have expert knowledge of each category, while celebrities like Claus Holm help to attract viewers and promote the products. With ELISA, it is possible for Coop to host large, multi-streamed live shows with a huge reach along with small, local live shows, which creates a sense of closeness and community.


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When local stores go live on their own, they don’t necessarily have the product knowledge and know-how that our category managers have on the big live shows. But they can, in turn, give that local feel. Both live concepts allow you to see other people verifying the products, which increases the likelihood of a completed purchase.
Julie Christine Kühne - Digital Project Manager at Coop
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