Customer case

Hobbii gets a 5x higher conversion rate with live stream content

4.7x higher
conversion rates compared to paid adds on social media
on Facebook and 36,400 followers on Instagram
Every 6th
comment posted in the comment section ends in a completed purchase
About the customer

Hobbii is an international retailer which sells yearn and knitting gear for large parts of the world, including most of Europe as well as Australia and the United States of America. Hobbii has both a physical and an online presence with five large, physical stores as well as their popular web shop.

Not a regular e-commerce company

Hobbii has a mission to become much more than an e-commerce shop. Therefore, they have taken several digital initiatives that create a relationship between their customers and their brand. One of their most successful initiatives is their digital workshops and their free bingo game which allows you to win fun prizes. In addition, their web shop is filled to the brim with free recipes that add extra value to their customers.

The live shopping format is a perfect fit for Hobbii’s other marketing initiatives. With live auctions Hobbii can combine value-adding and inspiring content with sales. In their live shows, they can also share everything from discount codes to in-depth knowledge about the products.

We want to create a company which is viable over time and where it makes sense to have a stronger backing than just product, product, product. That's why we make content which creates value for our customers.
Christian Hasseriis - Head of Social & Growth Marketing at Hobbii
ELISA brings reliable simplicity to a multi-country setup

Hobbii’s desire to add value and create relationships combined with their large reach to most of the world require reliable software that can handle everything from triggers to responding to customers during live sales. With a tailor-made solution from ELISA, this wish has become a reality.

One of ELISA’s many useful functions is to create comment triggers. When customers type a specific trigger word or sentence, ELISA immediately sends them a message with a link to their desired product(s).

Hobbii uses this feature in their digital bingo game where participants can type ‘bingo’ in the comment section and immediately receive more information about a specific topic or product. This means that potential customers do not have to waste time searching for answers to their questions. To put it simply, ELISA reduces the friction in the buying process by making information easily accessible to all users.

When you broadcast live in many countries and want to make it easy for both yourself and your viewers, reliability is also crucial. Luckily, ELISA never disappoints:

The most important feature of ELISA is reliability. Other tools we have tried have not been as reliable. With ELISA, we can put a scheduled time on our lives and it's live with no hassle.
Christian Hasseriis - Head of Social & Growth Marketing at Hobbii
5x higher conversion rate than all paid ads on social media

Hobbii finds that many of those who watch their live auctions end up buying one or more items from their products range. The average viewing time of their shows is a minimum of 2 minutes, which is a long time for an individual to focus on a single product or brand. Just think of an Instagram add which is only viewed for a few seconds before the user scrolls on to the next image or video in their feed.

With live auctions assisted by ELISA, Hobbii gets many completed purchases, while also creating relationships and credibility. The perhaps most important purpose of their live events is that they get the opportunity to guide their customers and give them advise on everything from knitting recipes to peg sizes and various types of yarn.

During a live event, the Hobbii team is able to answer the many questions from their potential customers, which ultimately leads to more sales.


The type of content we share during a live show is highly relevant and valuable to those watching. If we're comparing clicks and regular social media ads, the conversion rate is about 5x higher with live sales.
Christian Hasseriis - Head of Social & Growth Marketing at Hobbii
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