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Kenja’s weekly live shopping events contribute 40% of total revenue

Kenja fashion store livesales
Stats from Kenja’s live sales events
in one single live shopping event
of Kenja’s total revenue comes from live sales
3,760+ EUR
in revenue during their very first live show
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About the customer

Kenja is a physical fashion store in Malmö, Sweden, which sells handpicked clothing and accessories to all women. Currently, Kenja has no webshop, but they have a strong presence on social media – and this is one of the reasons why Kenja and live sales make for the perfect duo. With ELISA, Kenja has gained a new sales channel that also generates more visits in their physical store. We call that a win-win-situation.

Kenja immediately saw a great potential in turning their social media channels into sales channels

Anneli, the owner of Kenja, has always been extremely fond of social media. Even before she started to sell live on social media, she was a familiar face on Kenja’s Facebook and Instagram, where she showcases their styles and invites followers to visit their physical store. So naturally, Anneli was immediately interested in ELISA, when she found out that it was a new and innovative way to market her store on social media. And when she found out how easy it is to use, she was convinced.

With live sales, Kenja can sell clothing live on social media while also gaining more attention and building a strong, loyal community. And during Covid19, it became more evident than ever how important it is to think outside the box and go the extra mile for your customers.

I have always been really interested in social media, so when I heard about ELISA, I knew that this could be a game changer for us. Suddenly, I could sell our clothes directly to our loyal followers and build an amazing community at the same time.
Anneli Lohmeier – Owner of Kenja
With ELISA’s automated messages, cart and checkout, Kenja can focus on building a strong community with their viewers

Every Tuesday, Kenja is live on Facebook and the shows last up to about 3 hours. When planning a live shopping event, they go for a walk around the store and pick out the styles they want to showcase. Anneli easily sets up the events on Facebook and in ELISA – and they are ready to go live.

The rest is completely automated. When a customer sees something, she cannot live without, she simply writes a comment on the video as instructed by Anneli and her colleagues. She instantly receives a confirmation in Messenger including a link to a shopping cart with the desired product in. From here on, the customer can choose between store pick-up or shipping, and she can easily pay with her phone via the Swedish mobile payment system Swish. It does not even require a webshop.

The word that best describes Kenja’s live shows is ‘personal.’ Anneli and her colleagues are very focused on creating a safe and warm space, where they appear on screen just as they are. They giggle and have fun – and that immediately reflects onto their viewers.

Going live with ELISA is much easier than I ever anticipated. That is why we go live every Tuesday night – and if I had more time on my hands, we would do it even more often.
Anneli Lohmeier – Owner of Kenja
40% of Kenja’s total revenue comes from live sales – and sales are also increasing in the physical store

7,100+ viewers and 2,400+ comments in one single live show. These are stats from one of Kenja’s recent live events. The comments consist of direct orders, follow-up questions about the clothing, and friendly small talk among the viewers. Imagine if 7,100 people stopped by your physical store and took a look at your products – in just 3 hours. Wow!

Since Kenja started going live with ELISA, 40% of their total revenue comes from live sales. And that does not even include the increase in sales in the physical store, which is also a result of the live shows. It is hard to grasp.

Besides an incredible increase in sales, Anneli, owner of Kenja, also considers going live to be the best type of marketing. Facebook’s algorithm favours content with a high level of interaction and many comments, contributing to even greater exposure. Therefore, the live shows are not only seen by existing customers or followers – they also reach many potential customers.

The numbers speak for themselves, but numbers are not all that matters. For Anneli, it is important to build and maintain great, personal relationships with her customers. Also, she is eager to create a community, where women can feel safe and empowered. Her approach to live shopping is extremely personal, and she uses the platform to promote a positive self-image and support women. Without ELISA, her message would never reach this far.

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Everyone should go live, that is the simplest way I can put it. Thanks to ELISA, 40% of our total revenue now comes from live sales – and sales have also increased in our physical store. I am so grateful, because without ELISA, Kenja would really have suffered from the tough conditions during Covid19.
Anneli Lohmeier – Owner of Kenja
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