Customer case

Pluspige has a yearly turnover of 1,610,000 EUR on live sales alone

During a single live show
282,000 EUR
In live sales revenue on a single Month
25,700 viewers
in total of each auction
About the customer is a webshop that sells clothes for women who are larger than average. The webshop has been around for a few years and is based on the physical shop, Anna & Søs, which has been around since 1999. Pluspige has had great success with live sales on Facebook in recent years and is a prime example of how live sales can become part of a real sales and marketing strategy.

The starting point
Cumbersome Facebook sales turn into automated success

Before creating the webshop, Pluspige tried to sell some of their clothes on Facebook, but it was a huge hassle because the communication had to go back and forth with questions about colour, size, contact info, etc. Therefore, they realised that they needed a webshop, which quickly took off.

However, after a short time the joy was put to an end when all physical shops had to close in response to COVID-19. Pluspige therefore tried to sell on Facebook again, but it was very demanding.

Through an acquaintance, the got in touch with ELISA, which was also in the early stages of its live sales adventure. A good chat was the start of a close collaboration that has lasted. Since then, Pluspige has helped shape ELISA and provided input on the software and live sales format.

We are investing in it because it is a new leg to stand on, which contributes significantly to our overall turnover. Furthermore, it is a connection to our customers that we could not achieve through other channels. It’s unique.
Ken Primby - Ecom Manager & partner at
Automated order management, integrated shipping, and beautiful overlays

In particular, the administrative burden has been eased because Pluspige initially had to handle orders from live sales manually. With ELISA, they have made things work by linking the shipping and management systems, making order management easier and more automated.

With the success of live sales, Pluspige realised that the format needed to be just as prominent as their other channels. Therefore, they have allocated separate marketing resources to the live sales channel and put in place a marketing plan, just as they do for their physical shop and webshop.

From the technical setup with integration to software, camera and overlays to the marketing of the events with campaigns and edited videos.

Live sales have helped grow our business. Just as we run our physical shop and webshop, we also use live sales as a sales channel and invest in it. Money spent on both equipment and various features, such as product overlays or overlays that can count down to a competition and so retain viewers. We are investing in it because it is a new leg to stand on, which contributes significantly to our overall turnover.
Ken Primby - Ecom Manager & partner at
Live sales bring in 282,000 EUR in a single month
Results & Achievements

In 2020, the Pluspige team had never tried live sales but already in 2021 they had a turnover of 1,610,000 EUR on live sales alone. Even more impressively, they had a turnover of 282,000 EUR on live sales alone in March 2022.

Today, Pluspige has live shows several times a week in different formats – everything from larger live shows with a lot of effort behind and a high tempo to mini shows from the physical shop. With nice touches like overlays, the 15,000 viewers who stop by Pluspige’s live shows are kept coming back time and time again. When Pluspige invests time and money in elements like these, it automatically becomes a bigger part of their sales and marketing strategy, giving them better results in the long run.

But what can live sales create that other marketing and sales channels can’t? At Pluspige, it’s the loyalty bond with their customers that can be particularly difficult in a webshop. With live sales, they have been able to take the loyalty bond they have in their physical shop and take it online.

It has paid off to see live sales as part of their sales and marketing strategy. On a typical live show, they get around 1,000 orders, while viewer numbers throughout the show averages at 1,400, and around 25,700 viewers stop by in total. At the same time, the live sales will be a way to link the webshop with the physical shop and generate more traffic in both places,

In our live sales, there are still many customers who don’t know us. We make use of this in the live show by advertising free shipping on the webshop, for example, so you can have things sent to you together. In this way, they also get to know our main channel, the webshop. It can also help us get more customers in the physical shop.
Ken Primby - Ecom Manager & partner at
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