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POWER created 2.7 million EUR in revenue in just 4.5 hours

Stats from POWER’s live events
90,000 unique viewers
in one live event
2.7 million EUR
in revenue in 4.5 hours
+1 million viewers
in all live shows in total
About the customer

POWER is a leading home electronics retailer in the Nordic region, more specifically in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Besides online sales, there are almost 200 physical POWER stores and a total of 4,400 employees – and they continue to grow. POWER is determined to create personal relations and great experiences for customers both online and in the stores.

POWER wanted to create the same personal relationships online as they do in the physical stores

POWER is proud to create great relations and personal bonds with customers in their physical stores, and they wished to do that online as well. They wanted to strengthen the conversation with the customers – and that was possible with live shopping and ELISA.

With live shopping, customers were able to write a comment during the show, if they needed a more elaborate explanation or if they had concrete questions about the products. The questions were answered during the show, creating almost the same shopping experience as in a physical store.

This type of feedback is extremely beneficial to the customers and to POWER. The conversation is honest, and it immediately becomes clear to POWER what is actually working and what the customers are interested in. Also, POWER can communicate directly and with humour without fearing how the message comes across. If the viewers are confused, they will say so.

POWER created 2.7 million EUR in revenue in just 4.5 hours
We believe that the human aspect in business is growing. Everyone can sell goods online with fast delivery. If it is all just about delivering the products, we would only shop at Amazon. But especially the small startups, brands focusing on social shopping, having a close dialogue with their customer, they are growing successfully.
Jesper Boysen – Managing director at Power
ELISA offers all the functionalities POWER looked for – even under pressure

Since POWER wanted to create a social environment and promote a high level of engagement, they needed a platform that could facilitate communication with the customers during the live events. Therefore, POWER uses the communication features in ELISA and all sales are directed to POWER’s own website, where customers can place an order.

For instance, POWER uses ELISA to facilitate competitions during the event. All the viewers participate in the competitions by writing a comment on the live sale – and this spreads like ripples in the water. When viewers see others participate, they also get an urge to write a comment.

When POWER announces a competition, they receive up to 300 chatbot commandos per second, and many platforms are not able to handle that degree of pressure. This is why POWER chose ELISA – because ELISA handles all comments in real time – even when the pressure is high.

The reason why we chose ELISA was that it is the only platform we did not manage to crash during a live event. All other chatbots died just as we went live. We tried 3-4 different platforms, but they were not even close to keeping up with all the messages. ELISA is geared to handle selling as well as all the chatbot functionalities we needed.
Jesper Boysen – Managing director at Power
POWER’s live shopping events set brand new sales records while strengthening the POWER brand

Live sales did not only result in positive feedback, a strengthened brand, and a high level of engagement. It also resulted in brand new sales records. In total, POWER has sold for more than 10 million EUR during their live shopping events, and more than a million customers have participated in the live sales.

Especially during POWER’s Black Friday live event on Thursday the 25th of November 2021, the stats were astonishing. 90,000 unique viewers participated in the show and ELISA handled 60,500 comments in real time. Also, the average view time and the interaction was extremely high. The potential of live shopping is immense.

Facts from POWER’s Black Friday live shopping event Thursday the 25th of November 2021:

  • 90,000 unique viewers participated in the live show
  • In total, the show was viewed 100,000 times on Facebook
  • 2.68 million EUR in revenue was generated in 4.5 hours
  • 30,000 viewers clicked on a link in the messages from ELISA
  • ELISA handled 60,500 comments in real time during the live event
  • The total view time was equal to 665 days
  • The live show received a total of 87,000 interactions as likes, comments, and shares.


Screenshot 2022-08-02 111002
We can only say that it has been a tremendous success. 15 shows later, we have sold for over 10 million EUR, and we have had more than a million customers past our shows. It’s crazy! I dare not think about what it would normally take to haul a million customers to the shop window and into our stores. So, the live shopping concept has really shown us some new paths.
Jesper Boysen – Managing director at Power
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