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Totteland creates strong personal bonds with their customers during weekly live sales

Stats from Totteland's live events
on Facebook
2,300 bags of treats
sold in one live session
350 sign-ups
to receive automatic live show reminders
About the customer is a 100% Danish-owned and E-labelled dog equipment company located in Vejle, Denmark. It was founded when owners Marie and Frederik wanted to find the very best products for their own little dog, Fie. They started the company 2 years ago and have since expanded from only selling dog food and equipment to also selling products for cats.

A desire to create personal bonds although being a webshop

Totteland saw how multiple businesses in the fashion industry were having great success with live sales but noticed that no one in their own field had tapped into the market yet, so they saw an opportunity to be the first ones.

They wanted a way to sell their products in a more personal and shop-like manner to gain a closer relationship with their customers. And they went straight to ELISA for help.

With an ELISA PRO membership, Totteland quickly managed to set up a whole new shopping experience for their customers. They got to attach a physical face to the brand, and Totteland got to interact with their customers in a totally different way than what is normally possible for a webshop.

Totteland creates strong personal bonds with their customers during weekly live sales
We can now show off our products and talk about specifications and usage for them, which can be difficult with a sparsely written product description or a bland Facebook post.
Frederik Tychosen – Owner of
Live sale is easy with automated order management

The live sales assisted by ELISA have gained such noticeable traction for the company that Totteland now needs to buy products specifically for the events; otherwise, they will run out of stock. Thus, before their weekly Wednesday live sales, their first action is to buy products for the upcoming show. When the stock is secured, they create the event on Facebook and promote it with exclusive competitions, exciting giveaways, and great entertainment.

In previous liveshows, Totteland has had impressive prizes up for grabs such as a year’s worth of treats or sizeable gift cards to their webshop. They also do smaller giveaways like a few bags of treats during the live sale. Both big and small prizes have been very popular with the viewers. With live sales and ELISA, Totteland now also has the option to sell exclusive package offers, where they can mix and match e.g. bags of treats, which would be much more difficult online.

When a customer types “Yes Please” in the comments, ELISA will immediately send a personal message in Messenger confirming that the item is reserved. This message is accompanied by a link to a shopping cart containing the item(s) that the customer has reserved. Simple and easy. And for owner Frederik, this is one of ELISA’s most valuable features.

The fact that all order handling with ELISA is automated is absolutely incredible. I couldn’t even begin to imagine trying running a live sale without it.
Frederik Tychosen – Owner of
2,300 bags of dog treats sold in just one live session

The results of running live sales with ELISA have been substantial for Totteland. During one of their 1,5-hour live shows, they sold 2,300 bags of dog treats – an impressive 273 kgs. worth of snacks. A number that would have taken much, much longer to reach purely with a the webshop.

They have also prospered from ELISA’s automatic reminder function. If a customer writes “Reminder” in the comments of an event post, they will automatically get a link to the event right before it goes live. For their most recent live sale, Totteland saw a staggering 350 extra people sign up, just because of this function.

But above all else, they have noticed a huge difference in the relationships with their customers. They now feel way more connected and have a much more personal and trusting relationship – and not just because their own dogs feature in the live sales. The little pups happily stroll around on-screen and love to get involved when snacks and treats are presented. And the customers love it.

You really get that personal touch. And when people come to pick up products at our physical warehouse, they now know our names and our dogs. We are on a personal, first-name basis without ever having met in person. I think that is so great.
Frederik Tychosen – Owner of
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