Coolshop: Successful live sales require automation and efficiency

Jakob Qvist

Jakob Qvist

Creative Director, Coolshop

Coolshop is one of Scandinavia’s largest webshops. Their range is far-reaching, and in recent years, the webshop has expanded its already large selection of products even more.

Coolshop discovered live sales when they saw how the webshop boosted its sales with live auctions on Facebook. Coolshop took a chance and tried it out – and it became an instant success.

Now they offer live shopping on almost everything, from beauty products to game consoles. They have proven that live sales are not just for clothing stores but can work for all types of stores and products. Jakob Qvist, Creative Director for Coolshop, agrees that:


"It makes 100% sense to use live sales, no matter what you sell."

Jakob Qvist - Coolshop

ELISA makes live sales easy, smart, and efficient

For fast-growing live sales to work, things need to be streamlined. This is where the live sales robot, ELISA, plays an important role. ELISA handles all Coolshop’s enquiries, responds to customers with purchase links to the webshop, and manages all the parts of the live sale entirely automatically.

"It's an easy way to do it. It's nice to have the system behind the scenes doing all the work for us. It would be an impossible task to sit and send out the links manually!"

Jakob Qvist - Coolshop

It really surprised us how much we can sell during a single live sale

Facebook’s algorithm works in such a way that live videos are at the top of the list and, therefore, given high priority; this means that great visibility and branding value is gained by hosting live sales on Facebook. This has not only given Coolshop a greater reach, but higher additional sales too.

Coolshop do both live videos and competitions and, in the near future, will also try out classic comment-selling. They have used ELISA to boost additional sales by reaching potential customers, and have experienced a large opening rate on links like these, because customers get specific and relevant offers directly into their inboxes. ELISA absolutely gives Coolshop a wealth of options, whilst ensuring that all aspects of the business run smoothly and efficiently at the same time.

"ELISA has automated all administration with our comment selling business - and that is important to us. I think it will become even more important in the future. It is a vital tool to have.”

Jakob Qvist - Coolshop