Live Shopping with automated administration

ELISA is the original comment managing robot supporting your live and post sales on Facebook

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Live sales

Automatic acceptance of reservations during live auctions on Facebook

Shopping cart

Purchase is collected in personal shopping carts. Just as you know from a web shop

Facebook sale post

Create FB post with comment sale setup

Automatic reply

Reply is made as comments and with FB Messenger


Keeps track of stock status and reports sold out when everything is reserved

Payment link

Your costumers will receive info and  a link to their personal shopping cart via Messenger


All details necessary for shipping is collected during the automated process


All purchase is presented in a detailed but simple overview

Start and end

Planned deadlines and scheduled Facebook posts

Why are Live Sales on social media such a good idea?

Boost your live sales on social media

Researching social media

When Live Sales attract lot of comments, it will become more visible on Facebook. That is why it is smart to have customers writing comments rather than personal messages to the store. Moreover, it has a social effect that customers enjoy. 

• Higher level og visibility

• Increased customer flow and revenue

• You get more personal interaction with your customers

• Acces to new customers, because your visitors will bring their friends.