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We have been busy

We have not reported a lot of product updates in the past two months, as we have been busy creating new ones.

This is what we have been working on:

  • Lots of interface improvements

ELISA now integrates with the following shipping provider:

  • Webshipper
  • Shipmondo in beta version

ELISA now integrates the following payment service providers:

  • ePay
  • Stripe
ELISA now also offers:
  • A dashboard with valuable sales information
  • Insights into potential sales
  • Several intuitive workflows with product imports
  • Improved search word logic
  • Added ways to communicate live stock status
  • Confirmation of automatic orders
  • Visible account details
  • Product prices as a placeholder in customer communication
  • A far more intuitive process in connecting Facebook Live to ELISA
  • A notification centre from Team ELISA


It’s been a few busy weeks.

ELISA now integrates the following payment service providers:


ELISA now integrates the following shipping provider:


The list of reservations

A complete remake of the overview. You will love it.

Terms of trade

The same rules apply for sales via social media as they do for webshops. So, a very important update for us to make was to add the “terms of trade” in the Shopping Cart. These terms can be determined by the company and accepted by the customer before payment.

Delete products from shopping cart

Customers now have the chance to delete products from their own shopping cart. You can also choose for them not to do so.

Admin access to customer shopping cart

You can now access all shopping carts from the list of reservations. This could come in handy in many situations.

Automatic link to Live Video

ELISA now connects to new Live videos on Facebook within a scheduled timeframe.

Product links in Messenger Reply

ELISA can now add product-specific links based on a customer’s comment. This can help lead customers to products in webshops or perhaps alternative products if the requested item was sold out.

Shipmondo and Webshipper CSV export

You can now export all shipping information as CSV files prepared for Shipmondo and Webshipper. This will save you a lot of copy/pasting.

Creative competitions

With options for unique replies based on product reservations, it is now easy to set up competitions.

Create a product without prizes and unique reply messages. Think outside the box. Be creative.

For example: “First to guess the name of my pet receives a free upgrade to their order”.

Integration with PSP Quickpay and Pensopay

Easy online payment for your customers and instant confirmation for you.

2021 Shopping Cart

When multiple products are bought during live sales, they are added to the integrated shopping cart.

Access to the shopping cart is made through the link in Messenger.

With the shopping cart, customers can choose delivery and payment method.

ELISA can now manage Live Video

ELISA will now reply to all comments and take all reservations whilst still keeping track of stock.

We are very excited to see what you may use this feature for.

We have just observed ELISA handling 21,000 comments during a live video!

More products in same Facebook Post

In the beginning, it was just one product per live sale/post.

But now, ELISA can handle multiple products/options.

It could be different sizes or perhaps different weekdays for takeaway.

Messenger reply

We started with comment reply. Now we have added Messenger reply to keep some things private.

Deadlines and schedule

Naturally, a reservation has a deadline. Now it is automated.

And while we were looking at timing ELISA’s responses, we added a feature which can now schedule posts in the future.