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We work with our skilled users and selected experts to publish articles.

We’ve collected the best practices within live auctions and comment-selling offers, which you can use as inspiration to achieve even more success with your online presence and sales on social media.

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Joining Facebook groups where members share their experiences of live sales, and discuss best practices, can be beneficial. These groups (currently only available in the Danish language) offer users the opportunity to share events and notices regarding live sales and live shopping, which can, in turn, bring in more customers.

We will add links to the bottom of our page as we discover new groups or create them.

Sådan flytter du den fysiske butiksoplevelse online

How to move the physical store experience online

Today, the competition in retail is all about creating experiences, rather than just products and prices.

Live salg in action

Appear authentic in your live sales

The more digital our lives become, the more we strive for something real.

live shopping

Conquer your fear of live selling

Don’t let your fear of making mistakes prevent you from offering live shopping. Even the most experienced live shopping producers make mistakes – it’s part of the Facebook Live experience.

How to engage your customers in live sales

It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd – especially in social media news feeds.

Why you should offer live shopping

Even if the platform is digital, the experience can still be personal – your face and presence is important to your customers.

Live sales and sales psychology - why it works

People are shopping a lot more online, but with traditional e-commerce sites, the personal contact is missing. This is not the case with Live Sales.