Live sales give PurePower a new and efficient platform

Tobias Rasmussen

Tobias Rasmussen

Digital Marketing Manager

Expensive to get customers to visit the webshop

PurePower is a sports nutrition brand that works with endurance athletes in triathlon, mountain biking and running. For 10 years, PurePower has developed their products through knowledge-based research and uses athletes in their ambassador programme to ensure that the products work.

However, PurePower found that the price of bringing new customers to their webshop became more and more expensive. This meant that they had to think in other directions, which is why live shopping came into the picture. Here they could place more activities on Facebook and pay less to attract customers. It already became clear from the first live sale, where they gave 4,00 EUR per registration, and the second live sale, where they were down to 0,80 EUR per registration.

"3,200 energy bars and half a tonne of energy powder were sold in 45 minutes."

- Tobias Rasmussen - PurePower

From manual work to an efficient and cost-effective process

The first live sale already revealed the many opportunities for sales. In addition to selling nearly 3,200 energy bars in 10 minutes, PurePower also received 25% of their monthly turnover in the 45 minutes they were live. Here, the live sale ran through their webshop with manually created packages. Although it was a great success, they quickly found that it could be improved.

”We gained a lot of experience from the first live sale. We processed many orders, but many were from the same people. We could have saved on shipping if we had combined the orders and had a better overview.”

- Tobias Rasmussen - PurePower

The first live sale led them on to the next live show with a new setup. Here they used the ELISA robot, which could combine the orders so that the customer just had to place one order instead of three. This meant that PurePower saved a lot on shipping costs.

It is not only when it comes to shipping costs that ELISA is effective. The whole process is far more frictionless and fast. Before, PurePower had to turn the products on and off on the webshop and perform other time-consuming processes. “It has saved us 10-15 hours to run the live sale through ELISA.”

Live sales generate better turnover and more presence

PurePower had learned its lesson for the next live sale that exceeded all expectations. In 45 minutes, they sold almost 3,200 energy bars, more than 2,000 bags of chews & gels and nearly half a tonne of energy powder. Before the live sale, PurePower was nervous about whether they would get enough subscribers, but there was no need to worry.

“We ended up with 250 participants on/off at the event, and that was enough for a large turnover. Customers were ready to buy.”

- Tobias Rasmussen - PurePower

However, it is not only about the large turnover, but also the relationship that live sales create.

“It provides the presence we want in our communication. It is ultra-present to sell live. Maybe we turned everything upside down, as we did in the first live sale, or also triggered the alarm as it did in the next live show. We show that we also make mistakes so that customers get a relationship with those behind the camera.”

- Tobias Rasmussen - PurePower