Integrate ELISA with ideal.shop to gear yourself for a stream of incoming orders

Integrate ELISA with ideal.shop once and reap the benefits again and again

Spend a few minutes on integrating ELISA with your ideal.shop and reap the benefits over and over again. With the integration, everything is automated and completely in sync. ELISA handles the communication with your customers and their orders, so all you have to do is start packing and shipping. Live shopping is so simple, yet so effective – just give it a go.

Your products are automatically synced

With our ideal.shop integration, your entire product catalogue is automatically imported to ELISA and synced. This means that ELISA knows all names, prices, images, and other pieces of information about each product. You only have to click the products you want to show your customers in your live shopping events. No need to type in any information manually.

You are geared for many incoming orders

The number of orders from a live shopping event does not affect your workload, since ELISA takes care of all comments and orders. All you need to do after a live show is pack and ship the orders – but that is just a luxury problem, right? You are geared for a flood of incoming orders, so just go crazy!

Use your time wisely

We say that time is money, because time is very much needed and extremely valuable when running a business. So, we suggest you use your time wisely. With our ideal.shop integration, you can get rid of hours of manual work every time you host a live shopping event. You probably already know how you want to spend those precious hours.

Integrate ELISA with your ideal.shop in 3 simple steps
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Insert your URL in ELISA ‘Page settings’

Go to ELISA ‘Page settings,’ scroll down to ‘Shop integration’ and click ‘Idealshop.’ Insert your shop URL in the first field and make sure there is no ‘/’ in the end of the URL.

Add an API user in ideal.shop

Go to the settings in your ideal.shop backend and click ‘Integrations’ and then ‘API.’ Click the button ‘Add new API user’ and make sure the API is active. Give it a title and a username such as ELISA and save. Now, click the pencil next to the user you just created and copy the API key.

Insert in ELISA and activate the integration

In ELISA, insert the username you just created and insert the API key. Activate the integration and click ‘Save.’ Lasty, click ‘Run product sync’ to import your product catalogue. Good job, you completed the integration.

In just 5 simple steps, you are ready to go live

With our ideal.shop integration, it is extremely easy to create a live shopping event. In just 5 steps and a few clicks, you are ready to go live. And even though it is incredibly easy, live shopping has the potential to completely change your business – and your income. Follow our guide and start your live shopping journey now.

Create your live sale

To create your live shopping event, go to ‘Campaigns’ in ELISA and click ‘Live sale.’ First, you can edit basic settings in the ‘Settings’ tab – just as you please.

What do you want to show your viewers?

Go to the ‘Products’ tab, where you will choose the products, you wish to show and sell during your live show. Click ‘Add from product catalog’ and select the perfect products. Use the ‘Filter’ field to search for specific products. When you have selected the perfect products, click ‘Add X products.’

Add search words with a shortcut

All your products need a search word, which are the words your customers need to type in the comments to buy a specific product. A smart shortcut to assigning search words is to highlight all products, click ‘Searchwords’ and then click ‘Add number – sequential.’ ELISA now assigns a number to each product, which will appear on your products signs. Click ‘Signs’ to print your product signs.

Finesse your replies

You already have default replies, which can be edited in your ‘Page settings,’ but you can edit your automated replies specifically for this event if you wish to. Just go to the ‘Replies’ tab and go nuts – and remember to let your brand shine through.

When is the right time?

Lastly, go to the ‘Timing’ tab and decide when to go live and the duration of your show. When you go live at the chosen time, it is automatically connected to your event in ELISA. All left is to wish you good luck. You can do it!

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Build a modern and professional online store with ideal.shop and get ready to scale

Ideal.shop is a hosted platform, which means that you do not have to keep an eye out for outdated plugins or monitoring your system in general. If you would rather spend your time on growing a booming business with ready-made designs and several integrations, ideal.shop is your friend.

Try out ideal.shop for free

Get started with ideal.shop without spending a dime. As long as you are still creating your website or online store, it is on the house. You do not begin to pay until your shop is officially launched.

Get a head start with ready-made designs

Do you want to get a head start and start selling ASAP? Use ideal.shop’s ready-made templates and designs and create a beautiful store in a very short time. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key to running a successful business.

Choose between many popular integrations

With ideal.shop you can easily integrate with several popular services for payments, shipping, marketing, etc. such as Quickpay, Shipmondo, PayPal, Klaviyo, Klarna, and many more. Ideal.shop did the work to make it easy for you.

The subscriptions are non-binding

Choose between four different subscriptions, but do not fear if you outgrow your subscription. You can switch between the subscription from day to day or cancel it with immediate effect.

Never worry about outdated plugins

When using an open-source platform, you are responsible for updating plugins and monitoring your system. But ideal.shop is a hosted platform, where none of this is your job. Keep calm knowing that ideal.shop makes regular backups and keeps it up to date.

Ideal.shop for hobbies and huge ambitions

Whether your store is a hobby or the foundation stone for an ambitious business plan, ideal.shop has a solution for you. And as soon as you are ready, you can scale and grow. Also, whether you a new to the game or extremely experienced, you are in good hands.

Do you want to build your online store with ideal.shop?

Try it out for free or choose between four different subscription plans.

Are you already using ideal.shop?

Then you can simply setup the integration in your ELISA dashboard. In just a few minutes you will be ready to host a live shopping event with no manual work.

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