Integrate ELISA with Magento and host a live shopping event in the blink of an eye

Integrate ELISA with your Magento store and gain a completely new and effective sales channel in minutes

With our Magento/Adobe Commerce integration, you can easily connect your store with ELISA and import all your products without lifting a finger. This means that you can host a live sale without any issues. It only takes a few clicks – and you are good to go. Follow our guide and be ready to increase your revenue with live shopping.

Sync your entire product catalogue to ELISA in one click

Say goodbye to manual work with our seamless Magento/Adobe Commerce integration. In just one click, you can import your entire product catalogue to ELISA. This means no time-consuming work when creating a live shopping show.

Add a completely new sales channel to boost sales

Live shopping is a completely new sales channel that you can make use of immediately. Integrate with your Magento store and reach new customers today in your live shows on social media.

FOMO? No need to worry!

Setting up a live shopping event takes a few minutes. This leaves you with plenty of time on your hands, so you never have to miss out on anything. Focus on what matters to you and your business and leave order handling, payment, and shipping to ELISA. And of course, all data is safely stored.

In 3 easy steps, you can integrate ELISA with your Magento store
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Go to ELISA page settings

In ELISA, go to ‘Page settings’ and scroll down to ‘Shop integration.’ Here, click ‘Magento’ and fill out your ‘Site Url’ in the first field.

Add a new integration in your Magento backend

Go to your Magento/Adobe Commerce backend, go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Integrations.’ Click ‘Add New Integration’ and give it a name such as ELISA. Also, fill out your current password in the bottom.

On the left, click ‘API’ and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Here, you need to tick the box called ‘ELISA API – Products’ and then click ‘Save.’

In the overview of your integrations, click ‘Activate’ on the new integration you just created and then click ‘Allow.’ Now, you will see your ‘Consumer Key,’ ‘Consumer Secret,’ ‘Access Token,’ and ‘Access Token Secret.’ You need to insert these four values in your ELISA settings.

Activate the integration and sync your product catalogue

When you have inserted all four values, you just need to activate the integration and click ‘Save’. To import your products, click ‘Run full product sync’.

And that’s it! You are all set and ready to create your next live sale.

You are only a few clicks away from hosting a live shopping event

With our Magento integration, you can go live in no time. Your entire product catalogue is already synchronised automatically, so all you have to do is pick out the perfect products to showcase in your next live shopping event. You can focus on your customers and let ELISA handle the administration.

Create your live show

To create your next live show with ELISA, go to ‘Campaigns’ in your ELISA backend and click ‘Live sale’. In the ‘Settings’ tab, you can change the basic settings such as the campaign name and purchase word.

Choose your favourite products

Next, go to the ‘Products’ tab and click ‘Add from product catalog.’ Here, you can choose the products, you wish to show during the live sale and click 'Add X products' when you are done.

Now your products need specific search words. An easy shortcut is to highlight all products, click ‘Searchwords’ and then ‘Add number – sequential’. Now, each product has a number associated to it, which customers must write in their comments to purchase that specific product. Print your product signs by clicking ‘Signs.’

Personalise you automated replies

Go to the ‘Replies’ tab and edit your default replies if you wish. Otherwise, you can simply just use the default replies.

Timing is everything

Next, move on to the ‘Timing’ tab and choose the date and time for your live shopping event. Choose the duration of the event and the deadline for incoming orders.

Say ‘Hello’ to your amazing viewers

You have created a campaign with great products and the next step is to go live. When you go live on Facebook at the time you planned for this event, the live show will automatically be linked to this specific campaign in ELISA. All you need to focus on is your customers. ELISA takes care of the rest.

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All-in-one e-commerce platform for B2B and B2C customers

Magento is now Adobe Commerce, and it remains a trusted platform for multi-channel commerce for both B2B and B2C customers. Magento/Adobe Commerce is flexible and scalable to fit every need.

Build it your way

With Adobe Commerce’s drag-and-drop builder you can easily create compelling content in no time. You can build a beautiful store even though you cannot write a single line of code.

Your entire business in one place

Do you want to add a new brand or site? Expand to new locations? Or sell to both businesses and consumers? No problem! You can easily connect new channels and shopping experiences and manage it all from one place.

Use data to get smarter each day

Data is everything – unless you do not know how to use it. Fortunately, Magento/Adobe Commerce can do the work for you. It helps you centralise your data, define metrics, and get deeper business insights – without racking your brain.

Use AI and machine learning to boost sales

With Adobe Commerce comes Adobe Sensei; a complete AI solution that strengthens product recommendations and search algorithms in your store. Can you spell out increased conversion rates?

Choose between thousands of extensions

Extend and enhance the performance of your store with free and premium extensions and themes. Whether it is for customer support, payments, marketing, shipping, or something else, you can find the right tool at the Adobe Commerce marketplace.

Let your customers shop on the go with PWA

Having a fast, mobile-ready site is crucial, as more and more customers shop from their phones on the go. With Adobe Commerce, you can easily create a mobile-app-like experience with their progressive web application (PWA).

Do you want to build your business with Magento/Adobe Commerce?

Take a product tour, find the right solution for your business, or get started right away.

Are you already using Magento/Adobe Commerce?

Then what are you waiting for? Set up the integration in your ELISA Dashboard today. It’s only a few steps and then you are good to go!

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