Integrate ELISA with your PrestaShop to cut out manual work and focus on live sales

Do more work in less time – integrate ELISA with your PrestaShop

Our PrestaShop integration allows you to connect ELISA to your shop in a few minutes. This will save you hours and hours of work, because you no longer need to keep track of anything on your own. Your product catalogue is automatically synced, all orders are handled by ELISA, and you do not have to worry the slightest about payment or data. When you integrate ELISA with your PrestaShop, you can create a live shopping event quicker than you can spell it out.

Automatic import of your entire product catalogue – in one click

With our integration, ELISA can automatically import your entire product catalogue from PrestaShop. This is a true time-saver, allowing you to focus on creating the greatest live show yet. Your time is valuable, so of course, we do not want you to waste it.

Be sure to never sell the same item twice

Manual work equals more mistakes. After all, we are only human. But with our PrestaShop integration, you eliminate errors while saving time. For instance, you will never sell the same item twice, because ELISA knows exactly how many you have in stock.

Keep your head in the game

During your live shopping event, all you need to focus on is being present – and selling. ELISA responds to all your customers’ requests and sends them direct links to their baskets when they place an order. This means less manual work for you and even better customer service.

Integrate ELISA with your PrestaShop once – and sell live again and again

When you integrate ELISA with your PrestaShop, you can easily go live over and over again with almost no planning. And you can finish the integration within a few minutes – just follow the guide below. Afterwards, ELISA syncs your entire product catalogue, so when planning a live shopping event, you can simply click the products you want to display. ELISA keeps track of all orders and your inventory.

LIVE shopping phone v2
ELISA 'Page settings'

Go to ‘Page settings’ in ELISA, scroll down to ‘Shop integrations,’ and click ‘PrestaShop.’ Enter your site URL and make sure that there is no slash in the end of the URL.

Add a webservice key in PrestaShop

Go to your PrestaShop backend. On the left-hand side, click ‘Advanced parameters’ and then click ‘Webservice.’ At the top of the page, click ‘Add new webservice key.’ Here, click ‘Generate’ to generate a new key and then copy the key.

Below, you need to give the new key some permissions. In the ‘View’ column, tick of the boxes ‘categories,’ ‘combinations,’ ‘languages,’ ‘price_ranges,’ ‘product_option_values,’ ‘product_options,’ ‘products,’ ‘search,’ ‘shops,’ ‘stock_availables,’ ‘stock_movements,’ ‘stocks,’ and ‘tags.’ Click ‘Save.’

Insert the key in ELISA

Go back to ELISA and insert the key in the second field.

Find your language ID

Go back to PrestaShop. On the left-hand side, Click ‘International’ and then ‘Localization.’ At the top, click ‘Languages.’ Find the ID number of the language you wish to use, e.g. 1.

Insert the language ID and download plugin

Go back to ELISA and write the language ID in the third field. Next, click ‘Download plugin.’

Upload plugin in PrestaShop

Go back to PrestaShop. On the left-hand side, click ‘Modules’ and then ‘Module manager.’ At the top of the page, click ‘Upload a module’ and drag your downloaded plugin to the box.

Save and activate the integration

Go back to ELISA and choose between ELISA checkout and PrestaShop checkout. Click ‘Save’ and then click ‘Run full product sync.’ Now, you can see your entire product catalogue in ELISA – and you are all set and ready to plan your next live shopping event.

Live shopping with ELISA and PrestaShop in 5 simple steps

Going live has never been easier. In just a few minutes, you can set up a new live show in ELISA connected to your PrestaShop. You are welcome to follow our guide, but we are certain you will soon know it by heart.

Create your live shopping campaign

In ELISA, go to ‘Campaigns’ and click ‘Live sale.’ Change the name and other settings as you please. You are in charge.

Import the products you want to sell

Next, go to ‘Products’ and click ‘Add from product catalog.’ Here, you can choose the products you want to display and sell during your live shopping event. Just tick the boxes and click ‘Add X products.’ 

Give your products search words

One way to add search words to your chosen products it by highlighting them all, click ‘Searchwords’ and click ‘Add number – sequential.’ Now, ELISA has assigned a number to each product, which your customers will type in the comments to buy the specific product during your event.

Edit your replies

If you wish you can edit your replies for this particular live event. Go to ‘Replies’ and do your magic.

Choose the right time to GO LIVE

The only thing left to do is to choose the perfect timing. Go to ‘Timing’ and choose the date and time for your next live shopping event. Also, choose the duration of the event and your order deadline.

Great job, you set up your live show. When you go live during your selected time period, ELISA will automatically connect it to this specific event.

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PrestaShop offers all you need to sell your products online

Choose between plenty of templates, modules, and features to give your online store the exact look and feel you strive for. Now, you can spend your time selling and promoting your products, while PrestaShop takes care of the technicalities.

Go live in the blink of an eye

Making a live shopping event has never been easier. When you integrate ELISA with your PrestaShop, you can be ready to go live in a few minutes. All you have to do is to choose between all your amazing products. And since we know that can be a difficult task, we made everything else extremely easy.

Customise your store

PrestaShop offers more than 600 features and 5.000+ modules and themes, which are either built in or available in their marketplace. Make the most of it.

Easy management – all in one place

In PrestaShop, you can manage everything from one place – even though you have multiple stores. Get an overview over all aspects of your business, including products, payments, order, and shipping.

Grow your business

Growing your business means growing your revenue. And who would not want that? Use PrestaShop Marketing to launch amazing campaigns that will win over new customers.

Be the change you want to see

PrestaShop is an open-source project with more than 1.000.000 members, who contribute in different manners. Therefore, you can always submit a feature request, if you have a great idea. And you are also very welcome to dive right into the code and create a pull request.

Forget about borders

With PrestaShop, you do not have to limit yourself to just one market and one country. PrestaShop is available in more than 75 languages, and you can easily run multiple stores from the same back office.

Do you want to build an e-commerce store with PrestaShop?

Read more about PrestaShop or get going right away. It is easy to get started and with live shopping you can market your products in a personal and super-efficient way.

Do you have a PrestaShop?

Then you are ready to set up the integration through your ELISA dashboard and your PrestaShop back office. After that, you can host a live shopping event in a matter of seconds. The only thing stopping you is you.

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