Optimise ELISA checkout with a Shipmondo integration

Save time and money with Shipmondo

With our Shipmondo integration, you can be confident that all of your orders will be transferred automatically from ELISA to your Shipmondo account. And don’t worry, even though the import is automatic, you will still have total control over the booking process. In fact, you can choose what level of automation you wish to achieve. Simply follow the four steps described on this page and be ready to print the shipping labels for your orders.

Automatic transfer of your order data

Once you have set up your desired type of Shipmondo automation with ELISA, your orders will be automatically transferred to Shipmondo. No need to lift a finger.

Auto-print of your shipping labels

Tired of manually creating shipping labels after each liveshow? With our Shipmondo integration you can mass create your shipments and print your labels in no time.

Automatic personalized messages

When an order is being dispatched, you can let the buyer know with an automated but personalized text or email.

Easily integrate ELISA with Shipmondo in 4 steps
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Sign up for a free Shipmondo account

(if you don’t have one already)


Connect with ELISA under Page settings

ELISA adjustments

Set up desired automation from ELISA:

  • Export order when paid
  • Create a label on order creation
  • Capture payment when the label is created
Shipmondo adjustments

Set up desired automation in Shipmondo like automatic print of shipping labels. With Shipmondo you can also add multiple pickup points.

A complete shipping solution for your business

Shipmondo provides a wide range of useful enterprise functionalities. Which of the functionalities you take into use is completely your call. You can easily tailor the system to fit the specific needs of your business.

Send worldwide

Send pallets and parcels worldwide at advantageous shipping rates. You can even add multiple pickup points.


Mass create your shipments and print labels quickly and easily.

Personalized message

Send automated emails or texts to notify customers of order dispatch.

Shipment monitor

Use your dashboard to get an easy overview of the status of your shipments.

Paperless customs

Automate creation of pro forma invoices and digitize your customs declarations.

Return Portal

Use your own company logo to set up a professional return solution.

Don’t have Shipmondo?
Already have Shipmondo?

Then what are you waiting for? Set up the integration in your ELISA Dashboard today. It’s only a few steps and then you are good to go!

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