Integrate ELISA with your Shopify store and say goodbye to time-consuming, manual work

Time is money – and our Shopify integration saves you both

With the Shopify integration, you can easily connect your Shopify store with ELISA in a few clicks, allowing ELISA to import all your products. From now on, going live is a walk in the park. And of course, all orders made during your live shopping events go through Shopify, so all data is gathered in one place. If you have a Shopify store – or wish to create one – be prepared to save both time and money by integrating your Shopify store with ELISA.

Automatic import of the products you want to display in your event

ELISA automatically imports all products from your Shopify store, so you can spend your time on more important matters. Manual work is a relic of the past.

All orders go through your Shopify store

We know that data is crucial. That is why all orders go through Shopify, so you will not miss out on any important data about purchases, inventory, or customers. ELISA and Shopify are completely in sync.

Going live is a piece of cake

With the Shopify integration, hosting a live shopping event is a piece of cake. You no longer need to set aside hours and hours of manual work to do a live show, because ELISA takes care of it. Instead, you can focus on your strong suit; selling.

Integrate ELISA with your Shopify store in 8 short steps
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  1. Go to ‘Page settings’ in ELISA and scroll down to ‘Shop integrations.’
  2. Click ‘Shopify’ and fill in your Shopify URL.
  3. Click ‘Install App.’
  4. Now, you will be directed to Shopify, where you click ‘Install app.’
  5. You will be redirected to ELISA, where you click ‘Check bulk status.’
  6. Click ‘Start full product import’ to sync all your products to ELISA.
  7. Lastly, choose between two types of checkouts; ‘Shopping cart’ or ‘Draft order’ depending on whether you want your customers to enter an interactive cart or a locked cart in Shopify.
How to go live with ELISA when you use the Shopify integration

When you have integrated ELISA with your Shopify store, you are ready to set up your first live shopping event. And there is no need to worry – it is super easy to get started!

Give your products a tag

The most important part of a live shopping event is the products you display and sell. So, when you start planning a live selling event, start out by deciding which product you wish to feature. Then, go to your Shopify store and give those products a shared tag. You can for instance use the word “live” followed by the date of your show – e.g. live_210622.

Create your live shopping event in ELISA

Create a new live campaign in ELISA and choose the time and date for the show. All your live activity on Facebook will automatically be linked to this event in ELISA. Under campaign settings, you must remember to tick the box Use Shopify checkout.

Under Products, you can now import your chosen products by typing the shared tag you assigned to them in Shopify. When they are imported, you can give each product a search word, which customers type in the comment section during your live sales event to purchase a specific product. However, you can also assign search words to your products by tagging them with e-something in Shopify prior to importing them to your event in ELISA, for instance e-1, e-2, e-3, and so on.


Now that you have integrated your Shopify store with ELISA and imported your products, everything runs smoothly, and you are ready to GO LIVE. Now, your customers can make a purchase simply by writing one single comment during your show, and ELISA takes care of the rest.

elisa intergrations without logos v2
An all-in-one commerce platform to sell, ship, and process payments everywhere

Shopify makes it easy to start, run, and grow a business. With designer-made templates, free resources, +6000 app integrations and customer support by your side, Shopify is a trusted platform that saves you time to focus on what you do best.

Sell everywhere

With Shopify you can sell your products with Point of Sale or online through your website, social media, and online marketplaces. Why keep your greatest ideas to yourself?

Market your business

With Shopify’s marketing tools, you can promote your products with clever content and eye-catching campaigns to reach your audience, build trust and eventually boost your business.

Make your brand stand out

Use Shopify’s drag-and-drop store builder and 70+ customisable, responsive themes to make your life so much easier and to make your brand shine bright.

Manage your business

Shopify provides you with streamlined inventory, orders, fulfilment, and shipping for easy store management – all in one place.

Gain insights into your performance

No need to trust your gut. Use Shopify’s marketing dashboard and reports to track your campaign performance to improve each day going forward.

Add new features with +6000 apps

If you are looking for a new feature or functionality to your store, check out the +6000 apps that integrate directly with Shopify. The odds are there is a solution just for you.

Do you want to build your business with Shopify?

Pick the plan that fits your needs or try Shopify for free for 14 days.

Are you already using Shopify?

Then you can easily set up the integration in your ELISA dashboard in a matter of seconds. You are only a few clicks away from hosting your first live sales event – without manual work and without any worries.

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