Automate your shipping processes with our Webshipper integration

Manage shipping from A-Z with just a few clicks

With our Webshipper integration, all your orders will automatically be exported from ELISA to Webshipper after a live shopping event. Here, you can easily print shipping labels in bulk, saving you valuable time. If slow, difficult shipping is your worst nightmare, use our Webshipper integration and take care of it with a few clicks. Managing your live shopping events will be a walk in the park.

Choose between 70+ carrier across the globe

With our Webshipper integration, you can connect your store to 70+ carriers and ship your orders in just a few minutes – both locally and internationally.

Save time by printing labels in bulk

Our Webshipper integration is here to save the day – and save you a lot of time. After a live sales event, you can easily print your labels in bulk from Webshipper without manually exporting them from ELISA.

bulk messaging
Always keep your customers in the loop

“When will I receive my package?” is not an uncommon question. Use the Webshipper integration to keep your customers in the loop after a live shopping event by sending tracking notifications at the right time – in multiple languages.

Integrate ELISA with Webshipper in no time
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Go to ELISA ‘Page settings’

In ELISA, go to ‘Page settings,’ scroll down to ‘Shipping methods’ and click on ‘Webshipper.’ Give the integration a name that your customers will see in checkout. Also, fill out ‘Account name’ that you can in the URL when you log into webshipper.io.

Create API in Webshipper

Now, go to Webshipper. On the left-hand side, click ‘Settings’ and ‘Access and tokens.’ In the top right, click ‘Create API token.’ Make sure that the API is set to expire ‘Never’ and to have access to all scopes by ticking ‘Select all.’ Click ‘Save’ and copy the API token that pops up.

Make the final adjustments in ELISA

Go back to ELISA and insert the token in the third field and click ‘Save.’ After about 3 minutes, you can choose the order channel from the dropdown menu.

Next, you have three optional settings for the integration. We suggest you activate ‘Export order when paid’ so all paid orders can be printed through Webshipper without manually exporting them from ELISA. The two other settings are specific to your Webshipper settings and setup.

Lastly, activate the integration and click ‘Save.’ Now, you are ready to plan your next live shopping event.

One platform to manage several carriers and secure reliable and smooth shipping

Are you tired of slow shipping processes? Would you rather spend time boosting your business? Webshipper offers unlimited carriers and e-commerce integrations – and you can easily print labels in bulk after your live sales event without any manual work.

Shipping from A-Z in a single click

With just a single click, you can import orders from your shop, create shipping labels and send notifications to your customers. And you can choose between 70+ carriers across the globe. Why settle for less?

Increase revenue with a streamlined checkout

With Webshipper, shipping methods and delivery options are instantly displayed in checkout. Let your customers choose and make the choice easy. That is key to boosting conversions.

bulk messaging
“Where is my order?”

Use Webshipper’s automated, multi-language tracking notifications to keep your customers in the loop. Make sure to always stay one step ahead and never let them worry.

Print labels in bulk without any effort

Connect your store and print shipping labels in bulk. After a live show, ELISA will automatically send all orders to Webshipper – while you spend your time on what matters to you.

Automatically generate customs documents

Leave the technical paperwork to Webshipper and focus on going global. CN22 and CN23 are automatically generated along with your shipping labels – or you can even use Paperless Customs.

Keep your customers coming back with easy returns 

Easy returns are key to customer success. With Webshipper’s Return portal, you can offer your customers a smooth and easy return process after a live sales event.

Are you searching for a shipping platform for e-commerce?

Take a look at Webshipper, try their 14-day free trial or request a quick meeting to figure out how they can help automate your business.

Are you already using Webshipper?

Great! Then you can easily set up the integration between ELISA and Webshipper within a couple of minutes and host a live shopping event. And trust us when we way that those minutes are nothing compared to the amount of time you will save using the integration.

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