Integrate ELISA with your WooCommerce store and let our automated processes work for you

ELISA works for you – even while you sleep

WooCommerce and ELISA is a perfect match. And with our WooCommerce integration, all data and products are automatically synced to your ELISA account and vice versa. Actually, the integration removes all manual work from your plate, leaving you with much more time and freedom to do your magic: Live selling. How? Because ELISA works around the clock – even while you sleep.

Import your entire product catalogue in one click

With our WooCommerce integration, ELISA imports your entire product catalogue in one click. That enables you to easily choose between all your products when you want to host a live shopping event.

Data is crucial – keep it all in one place

You will never miss out on any data when you use our WooCommerce integration. All data is synced to your WooCommerce store, and the best part: You do not have to lift a finger.

Give your customers what they deserve – the best

ELISA is extremely easy to use – not only for you but also for your customers. If you think online shopping is simple, live shopping will make your jaw drop. One single comment is all it takes.

Integrate with your WooCommerce store in 5 easy steps
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Go to ELISA page settings

First, go to ELISA and click ‘Page settings.’ Scroll down to ‘Shop integrations’ and click ‘WooCommerce.’ Insert your site URL in the first field.

Add a new REST API key

Now, go to your WooCommerce backend. In the navigation bar at the left, click ‘WooCommerce’ and then ‘Settings.’ In the top, click ‘Advanced’ and then ‘REST API’ just below. Click the button ‘Add key.’ Give the key a description and give it ‘Read/write’ permissions. Generate the API key and insert both the ‘Consumer key’ and the ‘Consumer secret’ to the fields in ELISA.

Specify the cart path

To see your cart path, go to the cart in your store and copy the path from the URL. It might be ‘cart’ or something similar. Insert the cart path in ELISA.

Download and install plugin

In ELISA, click ‘Download plugin.’ Afterwards, go to your WooCommerce backend and click ‘Plugins’ in the navigation bar. In the top, click ‘Add new’ and then ‘Upload plugin.’ Drag and drop your downloaded file to the field to upload it and click ‘Install now.’ After installing, activate the plugin by clicking ‘Network Activate.’

Save the integration and sync your product

In ELISA, activate the integration and click ‘Save.’ When it is saved, click ‘Run full product sync.’ You have now integrated your WooCommerce store with ELISA – and you are ready to go live.

Set up your next live shopping event in no time

When you have completed the WooCommerce integration, you can go live in no time. Setting up a new live shopping event only takes a couple of minutes – and yet it has the potential to create more revenue than any other channel you have tried. Follow our guide the first couple of times – after that, you will know it by heart.

Create your live shopping campaign

In ELISA, go to ‘Campaigns’ and click ‘Live sale’ to create your first live shopping event. In the ‘Settings’ tab, you can edit the name of the event and other settings as you please. You are the boss.

Choose the products you cannot keep to yourself

Move on to the ‘Products’ tab and let the fun begin. Click’ Add from product catalog’ and select the products you want to display and sell during your live event. You can search for specific products in the ‘Filter’ field. When you have found all your desired products, click’ Add X products.’ A piece of advice: Choose the products you cannot stop talking about.

Add search words to your products

If you wish to use numbers as search words for your products, we have a simple shortcut for you. Highlight all the products, click ‘Searchwords’ and click ‘Add number – sequential.’ ELISA assigns a number to each product that your customers will write in their comments to buy the specific product. If you want other search words, you can click each product to add search words manually.

Edit you automated, personalised replies

In the ‘Replies’ tab you can edit your replies. Even though they are automated, they can still be personal. Make sure that your brand shines bright in every single encounter with your customers – also during live shopping.

Save the date

Go to the ‘Timing’ tab to set the time and date for your live sales event. When you go live at the chosen time, ELISA automatically links it to this event. Good job – and good luck. We are rooting for you!

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Sell your best ideas to the world with the open-source e-commerce platform built on WordPress

If you have a few minutes to spare, you have time enough to set up a new WooCommerce store – for free. And you can customise it to fit your brand and needs perfectly. When the timing is right, WooCommerce allows you to go global with multilingual content and multiple currencies.

WooCommerce is built on WordPress

Add the WooCommerce plugin to any WordPress site and set up a new store in minutes. And you can even get started for free with secure payments and shipping options.

You have complete ownership of your store

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform, allowing you full ownership of your store. It is built with REST API, making it both developer friendly and scalable – it integrates with nearly any service.

Do it your way

From the WooCommerce marketplace, you can easily add new features and extend the functionality of your store with a click. Choose between many official extensions such as Stripe, Google Analytics, Jetpack, PayPal, Mailchimp, and many more.

Go big, go global

WooCommerce is translated into 24 languages, and it offers multilingual content and multiple currencies. With the help of WooCommerce’s global community, you have the change to go big.

Are you interested in trying out WooCommerce?

If you have a WordPress site, you can set up a WooCommerce store for free.

Do you have a WooCommerce store?

Then you can easily set up the integration in your ELISA dashboard in a matter of seconds. You are only a few clicks away from hosting your first live selling event – without manual work and without any worries.

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