Live sales boost local sales and more for Kop & Kande

Louise Sjørvad

Louise Sjørvad

Kop & Kande, Holstebro

Kop & Kande in Holstebro, like many other local shops, was forced to stay closed during the pandemic. They had to think outside the box to reach their customers, so, together with another store in the city, they joined forces to embark on the live sales journey.

The store has always been very active with comment-selling on Facebook, and spotted a chance to try out live sales as well. Louise Sjørvad, owner of Kop & Kande in Holstebro, saw how live sales could provide a better customer reach.

"ELISA has added automation to our Live Sales administration. - and that's important. I think it will become even more important in the future. It's a crucial and valuable tool to have. ”

Louise Sjørvad - Kop & Kande

“We started live sales because of COVID-19. It was a way to invite our customers inside our store from the safety in their homes. 

The live sales also enabled a new target audience to be reached, and gave the store an opportunity to showcase their large range. Virtually all the products at Kop & Kande make sense to offer during live sales, and the store is able to showcase all brands, products, and product groups. Amongst other things, Kop & Kande learned to create small installations for display during their live sessions, so that their customers can now see how candlesticks and decorative items can be used.

Live sales also boost local sales

The live sales not only boost other sales on the Monday nights they go live, but also create general awareness and visibility for the local store. People who may not have had prior knowledge of the store’s brands before, will certainly be aware of them now.

After Kop & Kande started live sales, more customers have also visited their physical store in Holstebro. The people who purchased items at the live sale pick up their orders in the store, and often end up buying something else whilst they’re there.

ELISA made it possible

Proprietor Louise is not the biggest IT nerd, and orders quickly began pouring in from the live sessions. She needed a single system that could handle all the orders, and the robot ELISA was the obvious choice; ELISA would handle all the administrative tasks behind the live sales.

The store was particularly happy to pass over the responsibility to ELISA, so they would no longer have to worry about liking and responding to every single comment from customers during the live sale.

"It's a possibility that would not exist if ELISA was not here. It allows big volume because we don't have to manually reply and keep watch on all the comments ourselves. It handles so many customers at once. It's extremely smart.”

Louise Sjørvad - Kop & Kande

During and after the live shopping event, Kop & Kande has access to a complete list of who has purchased something and what they have bought. ELISA facilitates both the actual live sale with payment links and replies along the way, but it also takes care of the handling afterwards.