Live sales have boosted Degn Topshop’s sales and visibility to completely new heights

Live salg in action
Marianne Degn

Marianne Degn

Owner of Degn Topshop

The challenge

The art of keeping up with many orders

Degn Topshop, in Holstebro, is owned by the Degn-Vester family, and the store, like many other clothing shops, was forced to shut down during the pandemic. So, the idea for live sales on Facebook came at a time when they really needed it – and they quickly had great success with it.

"Very quickly, many people started watching. And they were from all over the country. ”

Marianne Degn - Topshop

This, of course, was positive, but it also meant that they quickly lost track of orders, as the store lacked a way to automate the receipt of them – so this is where Easy Live Sales came into the picture.

Solution & Concept

A full overview of the administrative processes

The solution was the comment-selling robot ELISA, which would ensure that the necessary information was given to the customer and that the best possible shopping experience was provided. The aim of linking with ELISA was overview and automation of the administrative processes, so that the Degn family could spend their time following the fast-growing live sales.

ELISA ensure that the desired product is added to the shopping cart and link sent to the customer’s Messenger inbox. The customer can then choose the method of delivery or pick-up, and choose the payment solution that best suits their needs.

Because it all happens automatically, the Degn store can now offer live shopping three times a week. It’s given them greater visibility and more traffic – not only on Facebook but also at their physical store location too.

The result

Live sales: a shortcut to digital presence and sales

Now, the store can have over 1,000 customers virtually, and they sell the equivalent of a week’s turnover on one live sale! This is because the administrative work has become almost fully automatic, which saves the store several hours of manual work.

Degn Topshop is first and foremost a local, physical clothing store without a webshop, which means ELISA has had to become the shopping cart, the payment system, the shipping system. ELISA provides the digital necessities that you would normally see in a webshop, but without having an actual webshop. 

 Live sales have become an effective shortcut to the store’s online presence and sales.

“With ELISA, our live sales on Facebook have multiplied, whilst order handling has significantly decreased. We love all the opportunities that ELISA offers - and, of course, their customer service!”

Marianne Degn - Topshop