Increase your revenue and reach with live sales

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Create presence and economic growth with live sales

Increased revenue, greater visibility, more presence, and personal relationships with your customers – does that sound like music to your ears? Then live sales are definitely the right sales channel for you!

You’ve probably come across live sales in several places. But have you ever considered if it could be an option for your store or webshop? The phenomenon has only just begun in Europe, but in countries like China, it’s been popular for a while – and for a very good reason.

In modern retail trade, it’s vital to think in new ways. Several studies show that your customers want more than just an online sale – they want human connection and a personal touch too. With a live sales presentation, the customer gets a much better idea of the item compared to an online webshop. Live sales create a closeness to the customer, which they would otherwise only find in a physical store.

Live sales are a new form of sales channel – a hybrid between the physical and digital store. You get the same benefits of personality, closeness and professionalism as you do with a the physical store, plus the reach and availability as you do from e-commerce. Whether you’re a webshop owner or a store owner, you get the best of both worlds.

For e-commerce businesses, it’s a way to become more personal with customers and create stronger loyalty – something that can be difficult if you only have a webshop.


Live shopping accounts for more than 10 percent of total e-commerce revenue in China

Fastest growing sales format in e-commerce

Retail experts: “the biggest change in e-commerce since the iPhone!”

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What can live shopping actually do?

One of the great benefits is that instead of having the one-to-one sales and guidance we see in the physical stores, you get the relationship one-to-many. One business can now reach far more customers at once, and all parties can interact with each other.

Live sales offer real-time feedback that enable interaction between you as a store, or webshop, and your customers. Customers are acquired because a unique shopping experience is created with presence and personal relationships. This provides benefits for both you and the customers – a true win-win situation.

This unique shopping experience ensures your customers will:

But the customers are not the only ones who get to reap the benefits. There are at least as many pros – if not more – for you as a store or webshop owner too:

An advantage of live sales is that you can quickly see how well your products are performing because you get direct responses in the form of purchases.

Live video on Facebook secures a huge reach

There has been a huge growth in live sales on social media platforms like Facebook. If you go live on Facebook – even as a small store without a lot of followers – you can have a gigantic audience.

If there are just 50 people watching, it basically equates to you having the same number of people walking around your store. Just think about it one more time: 50 people in your little local clothing store at the same time.

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Live shopping on Facebook has a myriad of benefits:

With Facebook live sales, and with almost no investment, you can reach further than your website. Facebook is generous because you can take advantage of all the followers you already have. Facebook even pushes the live video to those who don’t already follow your page.

With live sales on Facebook, your exposure spreads like wildfire when customers order items by writing comments. Live sales are shared every time a customer writes a comment,  boosting your visibility and the awareness of your store to entirely new heights. You will, therefore, remain at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

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How do I get started with live sales?

It doesn’t require much to get started. It’s just a matter of having the idea and the desire to go for it. The more live videos you make, the more success you will have. When you get to know your target audience, you will learn what works and what items sell best.

You can sell most things with live sales, and it is an obvious sales channel for many different types of businesses. The majority of those who use live sales today are clothing stores, but that is solely because they’ve made the first move. There’s great potential for stores that sell everything from jewellery and bags to baked goods, crafts, wine, appliances, electronics, tools, and much, much more.

ELISA helps with all the administrative work, creating greater sales and a good customer experience

There can be lots of administrative tasks in live sales that could hold you back. At Easy Live Sales, we can help with all the administrative work, so your only focus is on your customers. Our comment-managing robot, ELISA, takes care of all your orders, keeps track of who needs what items, and sends the customer a message in Messenger with a link to their shopping cart. In short: we facilitate all live sales.


Our live robot makes it possible to do live shopping on Facebook. We can do this because we link your Facebook page to your physical store or digital business.

The robot follows your live video and handles the communication in a personal way because you get to customise the messages you send. Then the customer gets a link with their order and can choose the payment and delivery method. That’s all there is to it! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

This all happens automatically:

Whether 30 or 300 orders have been placed after a live sale, you need to be able to see what your customers have ordered, if they have paid, and whether they need to pick up items or have them delivered – and ELISA can keep track of that.

Quite simply: for minimal effort and the opportunity to sell a lot more, you get both strategic sales and smaller order handling.

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Ready, set, live sale

Live sales are more than just increased revenue! They are about entertainment, community, advising, a local portal, and a virtual meeting place. There are so many opportunities for development and growth that you can tap into.

And most important of all: live sales are both for those who have a small physical store without a webshop and would like to reach a larger target audience, and for those who already have a well-established webshop and want to create a higher profile and a more personal relationship with their customers.

If you are unsure about whether the comment-managing robot ELISA is for you, do not hesitate to call and talk to us. We also offer you the opportunity to try out ELISA for free to see if the system suits your needs.

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