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live | ELISA.io

Become a live selling superstar​

Sell via livestreamed videos v2 | ELISA.io

Sell via livestreamed videos

Live video selling is about showcasing your products in a livestreamed video and allowing your viewers to ask questions or buy the products presented in real time. Whether the video will be streamed on Facebook, Instagram, Sprii, your own webshop, or all of them at once is completely up to you. Either way, ELISA handles all the administration both before, during and after the live event.

Go live on multiple channels at once v2 | ELISA.io

Go live on multiple channels at once

ELISA’s multistream feature allows you to broadcast your live show on an unlimited number of social media pages at once. This is particularly beneficial for chain stores or large enterprises with lots of social media pages. Are you part of a supermarket chain with a webshop, an Instagram page and 150 Facebook pages representing 150 local shops? Thanks to ELISA, you can stream your live events on all these channels at once without increasing your workload.

Sell via recorded videos v2 | ELISA.io

Sell via recorded videos

In addition to live video selling and post selling, you have the option of selling your goods via recorded videos. You can either upload premade videos to your chosen platforms or allow your customers to continue buying from your livestreamed videos for an extended period afterwards.

Sell via static posts v2 | ELISA.io

Sell via static posts

Post selling is about posting a time-limited offer on social media and allowing people to buy the products in question via the comments section below the post. Great offers lead to many comments which, thanks to the social media algorithms, increases your reach and exposure further. No matter if you get 10, 1000 or 10,000 orders on your offer, ELISA will register and reply to all comments in a heartbeat.

Use ELISA Checkout v2 | ELISA.io

Use ELISA Checkout

ELISA Checkout is for everyone who do not have a webshop to integrate with ELISA. In short terms, this feature imitates the checkout process on an online store and makes sure that your customers get a smooth and easy buying experience. If you wish, you can display your terms and conditions on this page.

Invite co hosts to broadcast your event v2 | ELISA.io

Invite co-hosts to broadcast your event

Have you invited one or more influencers to join your live event? Would you like to broadcast the event on their social media pages as well as your own and thereby leverage their huge audiences? ELISA allows you to do just that.

Sell via pre existing Instagram posts v2 | ELISA.io

Sell via pre-existing Instagram posts

You might have seen that you can share new, shoppable posts on your Instagram feed, but did you know that you can turn pre-existing posts into new sales campaigns? Simply choose your favourite posts from your feed and let ELISA transform them into little sales channels.

Sell via Instagram Stories v2 | ELISA.io

Sell via Instagram Stories

When broadcasting live on Instagram, your video will appear as an Instagram Story which means it will get a prime spot with maximum exposure. Customers can buy your products directly from the Story by writing the designated product codes in the comments section. Data show that Instagram Stories made by brands have an impressive completion rate of 86% and that 58% of consumers are more likely to buy a product from a brand after seeing it in an Instagram Story.

sell via Instagram Reels v2 | ELISA.io

Sell via Reels

ELISA allows you to transform your Instagram Reels into effective sales posts. This is a unique opportunity and great news for all ambitious live sellers since the Reel-feature is growing more popular by the minute. Additionally, the Instagram algorithm favours Reels over static posts which means Reels have a greater exposure and reach than regular posts consisting of a single photo.

sell via instagram carousels v2 | ELISA.io

Sell via Instagram Carousels

On Instagram, you have the option to share shoppable posts on your feed which will remain active for as long as you would like them to. You can share either a short video, a single photo, or even an Instagram Carousel containing up to 10 photos or video clips.

Use emojis as product codes v2 | ELISA.io

Use emojis as product codes

Research show that live shoppers hunt entertainment and inspiration just as much as they hunt bargains. You can give your customers a fun and different shopping experience by letting them place their orders using nothing but emojis. We bet they have never made a purchase in this way before.

Present your products

Display all products in one overview v2 | ELISA.io

Display all products in one overview

When you are livestreaming on Sprii or your own webshop, you can display all the presented products in a nice product overview. Your customers can buy from this product overview by clicking on a product and adding it to their shopping cart. It does not get any easier than that.

create personalized overlays v2 | ELISA.io

Create customized overlays

With ELISA you can create customized overlays – or digital stickers – for each of your products including the product code and available sizes or colours. This saves you from having to repeat yourself and gives your customers an even smoother shopping experience.

Print out premade product signs v2 | ELISA.io

Print out premade product signs

When you present your products on camera, we recommend using either overlays or physical product signs to show the various product codes. If you prefer the last option, you can decrease your workload by printing out product signs directly from ELISA. These product signs include all relevant information such as size and color options.

Engage with customers

Host engaging competitions v2 | ELISA.io

Host engaging competitions

“How many products will be presented during today’s live event?”. “What is your live show host’s favorite dish?”. An excellent way to increase the engagement in the comments section is to introduce competitions throughout the show. With ELISA this is easy as pie. You can design your competitions exactly as you please and include as many as you would like during each event.

Get newsletter sign ups v2 | ELISA.io

Get newsletter sign-ups

Live events provide a great opportunity to not only create sales but also promote your business and increase your customer base. With ELISA you can even accumulate new subscribers to your newsletter by asking your viewers to write “Newsletter” or any other predetermined code in the comments section below or next to the video. Immediately hereafter they will receive a personalized message from you with a link to a sign-up form.

Make a waitlist for sold out products v2 | ELISA.io

Make a waitlist for sold out products

The waitlist feature makes sure that you do not lose the sale when someone changes their mind about a purchase. As soon as a customer decides not to go through with a purchase, ELISA will notify the next person in line for the product.

Offer discreet buying options v2 | ELISA.io

Offer discreet buying options

On social media, people can buy your goods not only via the comments section below your videos but also via direct messages on Instagram or in Messenger. This option is great for consumers who are buying gifts or for other reasons wish to keep their purchases private.

Save time on administration

Keep track with the ELISA Dashboard v2 | ELISA.io

Keep track with the ELISA Dashboard

The dashboard in ELISA keeps you updated on everything you need to know about your campaign. For instance, it includes a neat overview of all incoming questions which makes it easy for you to keep a dialogue with your customers and answer their enquires as soon as they come in. This is also the case if you stream on multiple channels at once which means you do not have to jump around between e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Sprii, and your own website to make sure you see all incoming questions. Finally, the dashboard displays all the products included in the live event, the total number of completed orders, the total number of products sold, and the turnover created from the campaign.

Manage your inventory automatically v2 | ELISA.io

Manage your inventory automatically

ELISA constantly manages your product stock and makes sure that you do not sell the same item twice. If a customer tries to order an item that is sold out, ELISA will immediately let her know that the product is out of stock.

Schedule your campaigns v2 | ELISA.io

Schedule your campaigns

It takes less than five seconds to schedule your live events in ELISA. When setting up a new campaign, simply choose a date and time of day to go live based on your personal preferences. It is also completely up to you to decide for how long after the event the recorded video should be shoppable. Would you like the campaign to end six hours after the live event? Or maybe two weeks later? Either way, ELISA has your back.

Automatically send messages

Send abandoned cart messages v2 | ELISA.io

Send abandoned cart messages

Some people add products to their shopping cart during a live event only to forget about the order once the event is over. Luckily, it is easy to turn shopping cart abandoners into happy live shoppers. With a little help from ELISA, you can send a friendly message to anyone who does not finalize their purchase and thereby recover lost sales.

Send missing attribute messages v2 | ELISA.io

Send missing attribute messages

If a customer places an order but forgets to write her dress size, choice of color, or another attribute necessary to complete the order, ELISA will automatically send a message asking for the missing piece of information.

Send live reminders v2 | ELISA.io

Send live reminders

It goes without saying that a large audience equals more potential customers. By sending out a friendly reminder each time your store goes live on social media, you can increase your viewer number and therefore sell more products. The reminder contains a link to your event and will be sent as a personalized message in Messenger to everyone who wishes to receive it.

Send autoreplies v2 | ELISA.io

Send autoreplies

When you set up a campaign in ELISA, you can create personalized replies to your customers which will be send automatically at certain triggers, e.g. when they place an order or try to purchase an item which is no longer in stock. Depending on your preferences, your autoreplies can either be posted as a comment in the comments section or sent as a direct message to the customers’ Messenger. Feel free to include as many links, instructions, and emojis as you wish.

Have another idea? Send us a feature request.

ELISA developer team is always working on new features and integrations to help our customers onboard faster and have a customized experience.

Go Live everywhere

Host your live shows on the largest social media platform in the world.

Sell live on Instagram via Stories, Reels, Carrousels, or regular image posts.

Why choose when you can have it all? Go live on multiple channels at once.

Integrate with everything

Integrate ELISA with your online store and save hours of manual work.

Offer multiple payment options to make sure that payment is never an obstacle.

Integrate ELISA with your preferred shipping solutions and let automation take over.

Tons of great features

Before your live event

Preparation is key. Schedule your campaign, set up Live Reminders, and more with ELISA.

During your live event

Let ELISA take care of the administration so you can focus on your customers.

After your live event

Continue selling after your event with features such as waitlists and abandoned cart messages.


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Ga overal live

Host je live shows op het grootste social media platform ter wereld.

Verkoop live op Instagram via Stories, Reels, Carrousels of gewone beeldposts.

Waarom kiezen als je alles kunt hebben? Ga live op meerdere kanalen tegelijk.

Integreren met alles

Integreer ELISA met je webwinkel en bespaar uren handmatig werk.

Bied meerdere betalingsmogelijkheden aan om ervoor te zorgen dat betaling nooit een obstakel is.

Integreer ELISA met de verzendoplossingen van jouw voorkeur en laat de automatisering het overnemen.

Talrijke geweldige functies

Voor je live-evenement

Voorbereiding is essentieel. Plan je campagne, stel Live Herinneringen in en meer met ELISA.

Tijdens je live-evenement

Lad ELISA tage sig af administrationen, så du kan koncentrere dig om dine kunder.

Na je live-evenement

Fortsæt med at sælge efter dit arrangement med funktioner som ventelister og meddelelser om forladt indkøbskurv.


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