Integrate ELISA with PayPal and give your customers the flexibility they deserve

Together, ELISA and PayPal can take complete care of payments, while you host the live show of a lifetime

Thanks to our PayPal integration, you can give your customers the flexibility they deserve. Let them choose how they want to pay in your live sale by giving them a variety of options. Integrate with PayPal if you wish to make payment simple and easy – and if you wish to boost conversion rates. You can easily set up the integration in 3 steps. Just follow our short guide below.

Give your customers flexibility

With our seamless integration, you can easily allow your customers to pay with PayPal during your live shopping event. And you customers deserve to have options, right? With PayPal’s Pay in 3, you can even enable customers to split up payments in three. That is flexibility.

Boost conversion rates

When customers are faced with issues and difficult payment, some will never go through with the purchase. Therefore, make payment as smooth as possible to increase your conversion rates. Use our PayPal integration and show your customers how much you care about them.

Never let borders limit you

Integrate ELISA with PayPal and accept payments across borders in your live shows. If your ambitions are big enough to reach around the globe, choose a solution that fits your needs. Integrate with PayPal and keep on shooting for the stars. We are always rooting for you!

Integrate ELISA with PayPal in 3 steps – it’s that simple
elisa intergrations without logos v2
Go to ELISA ‘Page settings’

In ELISA ‘Page settings,’ scroll down to ‘Payment methods’ and click ‘PayPal.’

Create a PayPal app

Go to 'My Apps & Credentials' in PayPal or click here to access the page and login with your PayPal Business account. Click ‘Live’ in the top and then click ‘Create App­’ below. Give the app a name such as ELISA and click ‘Create app.’ You will see the ‘Client ID’ and the ‘Secret,’ which you have to insert in ELISA.

Complete the setup in ELISA

Go back to ELISA and insert both the ‘Client ID’ and the ‘secret’ in the correct fields. Activate the integration and click ‘Save.’ That’s it! You can now accept payments with PayPal.

A comprehensive payment platform for businesses of all sizes

When using PayPal, you are connected to more than 295 million customers around the globe. Allow your customers to pay easily with PayPal and even split their payment in three. Meanwhile, you have the freedom to expand to new markets, and you are automatically protected against fraud.

Make payment easy for your customers

Use PayPal to let your customers pay how they want. Making payment easy and flexible for your customers automatically boosts conversion rates. With one solution, your customers can pay in a variety of ways. Let them be in charge.

Allow your customers to split up the payment

Give your customers the flexibility they deserve by allowing them to split their payment with PayPal’s Pay in 3. You get paid right away, while your customers can spread out the cost over three payments – completely interest-free.

PayPal fits all shapes and sizes

No matter the size of your company, PayPal fits your needs. Small or medium-sized businesses can get up and running quickly with a simple set up, while enterprises can get a tailored, flexible solution to fit a complex business model.

Protect yourself against fraud

With PayPal, you are always protected against fraud, and this security is always included in all plans. Therefore, you can have peace in mind while accepting payments of all sorts.

PayPal will never limit you

Are you interested in expanding to new markets? You can easily accept payments with PayPal across the globe. Borders should never limit your dreams and ambitions.

Get insights with reports and analytics

PayPal comes with built-in analytics and reporting for a calm and collected overview. The tools provide insights into your performance in sales and a greater understanding of shopping habits.

Do you want to add PayPal to your payment methods?

Sign up today and start accepting payments immediately.

Do you already accept payments with PayPal?

Then you can easily set up the integration in the blink of an eye. Follow our quick guide and get started right away. What is holding you back?

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