Integrate ELISA with GLS and save hours of work with automated shipping

Let ELISA and GLS handle the administration, while you take care of your customers

Say goodbye to hours of manual work and human errors with our GLS integration. After your live shopping events, all orders are automatically imported to GLS, so you can start packing immediately and print labels in bulk. Shipping should be simple, so let it.

Host a live show and import all orders automatically

Are you tired of manual shipping processes? With our GLS integration, all orders are automatically imported to GLS after each live sale. This saves your hours of work and eliminates errors.

Keep your customers happy with Track & Trace

With GLS’ track and trace service, your customers can always get an update on the location of their packages. Keep your customers up to date after your live sale, while they are waiting patiently.

Ship your products worldwide with GLS

GLS covers 40 countries around the globe, so you never have to settle. The potential of live shopping is huge, but with our GLS integration, you are well prepared for the journey.

Integrate ELISA with GLS in 3 steps and let automation take over
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Go to ELISA ’Page settings’

Scroll down to ‘Shipping methods’ in ELISA ‘Page settings’ and click ‘GLS.’ Give it a title, which your customers will see in checkout. Insert the username and password that you use to login to GLS with.

Find your customerID and contactID in GLS

Go to YourGLS, click on ‘Processing’ and then on ‘Send parcel.’ You will find the customerID and the contactID in the right side of the page. Copy the values and insert them in ELISA in the correct fields.

Finish the setup in ELISA

When you have inserted the customerID and the contactID in ELISA, you can finish the setup. Choose to ‘Capture payment when label is created’ unless you want to authorize the capture manually in the order list.

Next, choose which shipping methods your customers can pick from and specify the ‘Title,’ ‘Shipping cost,’ and ‘Minimum purchase for free shipping.’ Lastly, fill out the contact information, activate the integration and click ‘Save.’

Varför integrera
GLS is trusted by more than 250,000 customers worldwide

GLS transported 870 million parcels during the fiscal year 2021/22. In other words, they know what they are doing. Do you want to automate your shipping processes and leave your parcels in reliable hands? GLS offers several solutions for businesses – no matter the size.

Automatic handling of all orders

With GLS, you never have to worry about shipping again. When your customers choose delivery with GLS, the orders are automatically processes and ready to be packed and shipped by you. All data is collected in GLS to give you a full overview.

Go global with GLS

GLS and their partners deliver parcels in 40 countries worldwide, primarily in Europe but also in the United States. Unleash your full potential and go global with GLS. When you have a great product, the whole world should know, right?

Let your customers decide

We know that customer satisfaction is always at the top of your mind. So, make sure that you meet your customers’ needs and wants through various shipping options. Does your parcel need to arrive very quickly? Or should it be delivered to a specific location in an office? GLS has a solution for it.

Track & Trace – for you and your customers

Naturally, your customers want to know where their packages are located – and so do you. With GLS’ shipment tracking, you always have access to an overview of all parcels.

Take responsibility with Co2-neutral shipping

With GLS, parcels are delivered in a Co2-neutral way, so you can meet your customers’ expectations to your business model. Take responsibility and implement sustainable solutions in your strategy.

Choose your preferred returns strategy

Choose between several different returns solutions to fit the right match for you. For instance, you can include a return label directly in the package or let your customers create it online.

Do you want to ship your parcels with GLS?

Find the right solution for your business and start shipping your goods worldwide.

Do you already use GLS to ship your orders?

Our GLS integration allows you to automate shipping after your live shopping events. Easily set up the integration in your ELISA Dashboard and start saving time today.

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