Offer live shopping on your online store

If you run an online store – either on its own or as a substitute to one or more physical stores – you should consider broadcasting live from it at regular intervals. How come? Well, we bet you want to make your online store attractive and engaging to lure in as many visitors as possible. This is your ticket to doing just that.

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Integrate your online store with ELISA

ELISA integrates with a growing number of CMS systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop just to name a few. This means that all products available on your online store will be synced to your ELISA account and ready to choose from when setting up a new live campaign in ELISA. And the best part? You can import your entire product catalogue in a few single clicks.

Fördel #1

Gather all important data in one place

How many items did you sell during your live event? How many orders were placed and how big was your turnover? Once you have connected ELISA to your CMS system, all orders made during your live shows will go through your own webshop. This means that all data about purchases, inventory, customers etc. will be gathered in one place for a nice overview.

Fördel #2

Display your products in a nice overview

When you go live on your social media accounts, people can only place their orders through the comments section. This is not the case on your webshop. When broadcasting a live event on your online store, you give your customers the option to shop from a handy product overview shown at the same time as the video. The overview includes photos and info about available sizes and colours, and lets people know when an item is sold out.

Fördel #3

Give your customers a social and seamless shopping experience

Let’s face it: Humans are social beings. We all want to connect and interact with likeminded people. At the same time, we all value convenience. By hosting live shopping events on your webshop, you can combine the convenience of online shopping with the social element of in-store shopping – all while giving your customers a seamless shopping experience.

Increase traffic to your site with live sales

The benefits of hosting live shopping events on a regular basis are plenty. Among other things, it will put a face on your brand, strengthen your shopping community, and set you apart from your competitors. By broadcasting the live shopping event directly from your online store, you can even increase traffic to your site. Not too shabby, right?

Interact with your customers in a personal way – not just in a chat box

This is not only your chance to attract as many webshop visitors as possible in a fun and interactive way. It is also your chance to interact with your customers in a more personal way than through a chat box on your webshop. Instead of writing back and forth, you get to talk to your customers in real time. This allows you to connect in a way that’s simply not possible via text only.

Varför ELISA?

A few of the features you can look forward to

Integrate your online store with ELISA for an automated and easy product import.
Upgrade your videos with cool overlays for a more luxurious shopping experience.
Let your customers choose their favorite products from a nice product overview.
ELISA manages your inventory so you can concentrate on your customers.
Integrate ELISA with your webshop and gather all data in one place.
Interact with potential customers in real-time through the comments section.

How to broadcast live shows on your online store

Thanks to ELISA, streaming live from your online store requires minimal effort on your part. All you need to do is connect ELISA to your CMS system and choose the date and time you wish to go live. Once the camera is rolling, you can relax and know that your customers are getting a smooth and easy shopping experience like they are used to on your webshop.

We recommend broadcasting your live event from your social media channels as well as your webshop, simply because more channels equals more viewers. Let’s put it this way: If you are taking the time to prepare a live event, you might as well make your efforts count. Get more bang for your buck by broadcasting your event on multiple channels at once. Learn about our webshop integrations here.

Kom igång och kör ditt första live shopping-event redan idag!

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Go Live everywhere

Host your live shows on the largest social media platform in the world.

Sell live on Instagram via Stories, Reels, Carrousels, or regular image posts.

Why choose when you can have it all? Go live on multiple channels at once.

Integrate with everything

Integrate ELISA with your online store and save hours of manual work.

Offer multiple payment options to make sure that payment is never an obstacle.

Integrate ELISA with your preferred shipping solutions and let automation take over.

Tons of great features

Before your live event

Preparation is key. Schedule your campaign, set up Live Reminders, and more with ELISA.

During your live event

Let ELISA take care of the administration so you can focus on your customers.

After your live event

Continue selling after your event with features such as waitlists and abandoned cart messages.


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Gå live överallt

Visa dina livesändningar på den största sociala medieplattformen i världen.

Sälj live på Instagram via Stories, Reels, Carrousels eller vanliga bildinlägg.

Varför välja när du kan få allt? Sätt igång med flera kanaler samtidigt.

Integrera med allting

Integrera ELISA med din webbutik och spara timmar av manuellt arbete.

Erbjud flera betalningsalternativ för att se till att betalningen aldrig blir ett hinder.

Integrera ELISA med dina önskade fraktlösningar och låt automatiseringen ta över.

Massor av fantastiska funktioner

Innan ditt live-event

Förberedelse är nyckeln. Planera din kampanj, ställ in Live Reminders och mycket mer med ELISA.

Under ditt live-event

Låt ELISA ta hand om administrationen så att du kan fokusera på dina kunder.

Efter ditt live-event

Fortsätt sälja efter evenemanget med funktioner som väntelistor och meddelanden om övergiven kundvagn.


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