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Trade Conditions – NL

Updated: 08/04-2021

These terms of trade relate to your business with Easy Live Sales ApS, our website, and our platform.

Please read below before you make use of our services.
Your access to and use of Easy Lives Sales products and services is subject to acceptance of these terms of trade. The terms of trade apply to anyone who may have access to Easy Live Sales products and services, even if the person who has access is not the same person who entered into the Agreement. By using Easy Live Sales products and services, the terms of trade and compliance with the terms of trade are accepted as long as the customer avails themselves of these. If the terms are not accepted, Easy Live Sales products or services may not be used.

General information

Easy Live Sales Aps

Søvej 46

2791 Dragør


CVR No: DK-42084476

Phone: +45 35154033




The Parties undertake to treat all information relating to each other’s matters in total confidence. In addition, the Parties undertake not to disclose such confidential information to third parties without prior written permission from the opposing Party and to use confidential information only for the purpose described in the Agreement.


Any information relating to the activities of the Parties, including its partners, or business relationships acquired by the Parties through their trade, with the exception of information published by the Parties, shall be deemed to be confidential information.


Intellectual property

Products and services provided, including functionality and features, are and will remain with exclusive rights to Easy Live Sales ApS unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

Easy Live Sales products and services are protected under conditions applicable in Denmark, Europe and other countries.


Easy Live Sales products, services, names or anything else may not be used without prior written agreement and consent.


Payment and Subscription 

Easy Live Sales Aps accept payment with VISA, Mastercard, VISA-Dankort, VISA Electron.

Automatic card payment

Automatic card payment agreement means that customer payments of subscriptions to products and services provided by Easy Live Sales are made by automatically transferring the invoice amount from the Customer’s credit card to Easy Live Sales. Registration for automatic card payment is done during the order or after the trial period. The Customer receives an invoice by email when the transaction is automatically performed as a result of an order.


When entering into an automatic card payment agreement, the Customer accepts that the invoice amount is due for payment on the same day that the invoice is issued.


It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the registered payment card is valid and that the payment card information is updated upon expiration; blocking, or loss, of the payment card can prevent automatic payment. Updating or deleting payment card information is done in the control panel on the

If the Customer is registered for automatic card payment and the automatic card payment cannot be completed due to the Customer’s circumstances (e.g. if the card is blocked or the Customer rejects the payment, etc.), Easy Live Sales will send an invoice via email. The due date of the invoice will be set to the date of issue of the invoice. If the Customer fails to pay the invoice amount, Easy Live Sales is entitled to send a reminder to the Customer. The Customer is liable for all payments that are made automatically, and Easy Live Sales is entitled to impose reminder fees. If the Customer does not pay after sending reminders, Easy Live Sales is entitled to close the Customer’s Account, after which Easy Live Sales’ default conditions occur.

Prices and fees

All Easy Live Sales prices on the website are stated in Danish kroner and exclude VAT. 

Pro Plan includes a transaction fee. This is settled as a percentage based on the Customer’s gross orders during Live sales. Gross orders are understood to be the total order amount registered as a result of Live sales.

The Basic Plan includes a transaction fee. This is settled as a fixed price for each unique customer who, via links, is invited to purchase on another webshop in connection with the Live sales.

For the Light Plan, a transaction fee applies. This is settled as a fixed price for each reserved product in relation to sales.


Easy Lives Sales will not be held responsible for typos, price changes, discontinued items and delivery failures from subcontractors.


When sending an invoice by email, no administration fee is added. When sending an invoice via EAN or Post Nord, an administration fee of DKK 29, excluding VAT, is added. When paying via Payment Service, an administration fee of DKK 6.50, excluding VAT, is added.


Easy Live Sales can regulate and change all prices and fees with a minimum of one month’s notice. The Customer is obliged to pay the regulated price but may choose to terminate the Agreement in writing according to the applicable notice periods. An announced price change will take effect from the next subscription period.



Easy Live Sales’ comment-responsive robot, ELISA, is provided as software-as-a-service. The Customer pays for a license to use the software installed on the vendor’s system. No software must be installed at the Customer’s premises, nor is access or ownership of the program’s source code granted. 

ELISA is designed for use on digital device browsers, including specifically Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. It is the Customer’s responsibility to use the latest versions of the browsers.


Customer responsibility

The Customer is obliged to comply with good practice when using Easy Live Sales services. Broadly speaking, good practice means that the Customer may not use Easy Lives Sales services to break the law, or in any way interfere with other companies or individuals. If the Customer is unsure whether an action on The Solution is allowed, it is the Customer’s responsibility to contact Easy Live Sales and request instructions.


The Customer is obliged to keep their master data up to date with Easy Lives Sales, so address, contact, and billing information are valid at all times.


Payment solutions such as Mobilepay are made available to the Customer, and it is the Customer’s choice whether this payment solution is used.


The Customer agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with the Customer’s business. The Customer also agrees that Easy Live Sales does not exercise any control over the content of the information provided by the Customer from Easy Lives Sales services, and that it is solely the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the data that the Customer sends and receives complies with all applicable laws and regulations.


Easy Live Sales Rights 

Easy Live Sales has the right at any time to change products from its price and product lists.


Easy Live Sales is entitled to assess whether the Customer is using Easy Live Sales products as intended. If the Customer overloads the service offered to such an extent that it inappropriately affects the Easy Live Sales platform, Easy Live Sales may at any time temporarily close access to that service without notice. 


Easy Live Sales always strives to contact the Customer in order to adjust the Customer’s usage or offer the Customer a different solution. If the Customer does not want to adjust consumption or accept an alternative solution, Easy Live Sales is entitled to terminate the Customer’s solution with one month’s notice from the 1st of the following month. In cases where the Customer has prepaid for a period interrupted by EasyLive Sales, or termination due to the above circumstances, the Customer is entitled to a refund of the prepaid amount for that part of the prepaid period in which the product is terminated.


If one of Easy Live Sales’ services, e.g. the “comment-responsive robot”, is used for sending spam, phishing or similar, Easy Live Sales reserves the right to temporarily close access to services without notice until the problem is rectified. This also applies even if the owner of the product is not aware of the said abuse or is directly responsible for it.


Easy Live Sales reserves the right to terminate a Customer’s ongoing services with 30 days written notice. In cases where the Customer has prepaid for a period that is interrupted as a result of Easy Live Sales termination, the Customer is entitled to a refund of the prepaid amount for that part of the prepaid period during which the product is terminated.


In the event of changes in the law or the rules and permissions issued pursuant to this act, and in the event of an injunction for changes from an authority, Easy Live Sales may, without notice, change the Customer’s rights and obligations under the terms, without the Customer being entitled to any compensation.


Easy Live Sales’ responsibility

Easy Live Sales cannot be held responsible for verifying the validity of any recreated data. Easy Live Sales is not liable for losses if the Customer’s data cannot be restored from backup due to a lack of validity of these.


Easy Live Sales is not liable for losses due to unsolicited or unwanted transmission of data to/from the Customer from The Solution or as a result of the Customer’s loss of personal data or software. Easy Live Sales also cannot be held liable for losses due to unauthorised access to customer data and/or systems. 


Easy Live Sales may not be held liable for any indirect loss or consequential damage to the other Party or third parties, including its affiliates, resellers, customers or other stakeholders, whether the loss is due to system failure, unauthorised access, failure to provide ordered services/products or other matters at Easy Live Sales.


Easy Live Sales strives for the systems to be available 24 hours a day all year round. However, Easy Live Sales is entitled to discontinue operations when maintenance or other technical conditions so require. Such outages will, as far as possible, be announced beforehand.



A subscription agreement is automatically extended unless the Customer terminates the Subscription Agreement no later than 30 days before the end of the subscription period.


Easy Live Sales does not refund payments if the Customer wishes to terminate their product in the middle of a period of time.


All terminations must be in writing to

A termination is not valid until Easy Live Sales has confirmed the termination in writing.


The parties are liable for damages in accordance with the general rules of Danish law. Compensation and, where appropriate, fines combined are limited to the settlement fee.


Easy Live Sales is not responsible for the following types of losses:

  • Operating loss or indirect loss.
  • The Customer’s payroll costs for their own staff and external costs for recording lost data and restoring systems.
  • The Customer’s expenses for external consulting assistance and advisory assistance.
  • The Customer’s loss of profit and/or goodwill.



If you wish to file a complaint with Easy Live Sales, this can be done by sending an email to:

Trade Conditions – NL