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Are you intrigued by the concept of live shopping but in doubt whether it is a good match with your business type or industry? On this page you can find your specific business type or industry and learn how live commerce may benefit your specific store. You are also more than welcome to give us a call for a conversation about your ambitions and potentials with ELISA.

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Business types ideal for live shopping

ELISA is not designed exclusively for physical- or online stores. We have customers of all shapes and sizes, so it is highly likely that we can help you too. Find your business type below and learn how we have helped other businesses like yours.

Brick and mortar

It is not necessary to run an online store to sell your goods online. Supplement the income from your physical store by hosting lucrative sales events online.


If you integrate your online store with ELISA, you can cash in the checks without spending hours on administration. ELISA does the heavy lifting for you both before, during, and after your live events.


Do you run both an online store and one or more physical stores? Good for you! By adding a third sales channel to your business you can boost your revenue and drive in traffic to the other sales channels.


Are you part of a large company or chain that needs a customised solution to fit your exact needs? Then this is the spot for you. Click here to learn the benefits of going live as an Enterprise.

Live shop

No online store or physical store? No problem. You can reach consumers with a small budget by basing your business solely on live shopping.

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Industries ideal for live shopping

Almost all industries can benefit from offering the option of live shopping to their customers. Browse through the industries below or learn about the key benefits and ELISA features for your specific industry.

Fashion and accessories

You can hardly say “live shopping” without also saying “fashion”. Millions of retailers selling clothing and accessories depend heavily upon this new opportunity to create brand-awareness and become top-of-mind.

Electronics and appliances

Guidance is often necessary when buying electronics or appliances, and during a live event consumers can ask questions and get the answers in real time. Go live and guide your customers to make the best decisions for them.

Hobby and DIY

Are you a DIY expert or do you sell hobby-related items? Whether you sell fishing gear and bait, paint and brushes, or yarn and knitting needles, this is your chance to create a strong community of fellow hobby-enthusiasts.

Groceries, food, and beverages

A growing number of grocery stores and retailers from the food industry are hosting live sales events on a regular basis. And with great success, we should add. Read about the benefits here.

Home decor

Home decor and interior design is a large industry, and the competition is fierce. Therefore, your marketing initiatives must be even fiercer. With live events you can stand out among your competitors and create hype around your brand.

Beauty and self-care

Live shopping is an integral part of the business strategy for many brands and retailers selling beauty- and self-care products. Click here to learn why.

And lots of others!

Do you not recognize yourself in any of the industries above? Don’t worry! Lots of other industries can benefit from live selling.

Go Live everywhere

Host your live shows on the largest social media platform in the world.

Sell live on Instagram via Stories, Reels, Carrousels, or regular image posts.

Why choose when you can have it all? Go live on multiple channels at once.

Integrate with everything

Integrate ELISA with your online store and save hours of manual work.

Offer multiple payment options to make sure that payment is never an obstacle.

Integrate ELISA with your preferred shipping solutions and let automation take over.

Tons of great features

Before your live event

Preparation is key. Schedule your campaign, set up Live Reminders, and more with ELISA.

During your live event

Let ELISA take care of the administration so you can focus on your customers.

After your live event

Continue selling after your event with features such as waitlists and abandoned cart messages.

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