Live shopping in the grocery- and food industry

Are you managing a café, an online grocery store, a chain of supermarkets, a chocolate factory or maybe a liquor shop? Are you intrigued by the concept of selling live but not sure that it is a good match with your target group? Would you like to increase your revenue in a simple yet effective way? Then stay tuned…

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Sell groceries, food, and beverages live

Benefit #1

Everything from toilet paper to expensive liquor

Whether you sell cleaning items and toilet paper, fancy handmade chocolate, or even expensive French wines, you can benefit from live commerce. We have many customers from the grocery- and food industry who have boosted their sales dramatically with the help of ELISA. One of the benefits of selling food, groceries, and beverages in a live format is the incredible exposure you get. You will not only increase your sales numbers in the short run, but also build a larger customer base and thereby ensure more sales in the future.

Benefit #2

Combine live video selling and post selling for maximum effect

Live video selling is about showcasing your products in a livestreamed video and simultaneously allowing your viewers to buy the products presented. Similarly, post selling is about posting a time-limited offer on social media and allowing people to buy the products in question via the comments section below the post. Both selling options allow you to distinguish yourself in the market and provide a new way of interacting with your customers which meets the demands of modern-day consumers.

Benefit #3

Activate on social media, upsell in your store

Our software tool, ELISA, simplifies the processes of selling and buying groceries, food, and beverages in a live format. But there are more benefits to be gained. Many of our customers from the food industry see a dramatic increase in visitors in their physical stores after having made a post sale or hosted a live event on their social media pages. This means they get the chance to sell even more of their goods to the same customers. To conclude, you can activate your customers on social media and upsell in your store.


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The fact that we can do live shows means that we can talk about our wine in a down-to-earth way and educate people on how to treat the wine. We have a lot of sommeliers on our staff, and that gives us a great opportunity to share knowledge and inspire. We attract many new customers who have never shopped with us before.


During a live show I can present a piece of quality meat, talk about its origin, and show how delicious it can get from a few minutes on the grill. Once you've heard the good story about the new cuts and gotten tips on the best way to roast the meat, you can't wait to bring it home to your own kitchen. This element of storytelling makes for a better overall experience and makes customers feel more confident about buying something they may not have tried before.


Let ELISA do the heavy lifting for you

Use ELISA Multistream to go live on multiple channels at once.
If you do not have a webshop, use ELISA Checkout to give your customers a seamless checkout experience.
Keep track of your stock supply with ELISA’s automatic inventory management.
Import all your products automatically by integrating your online store with ELISA.
Create effective post sales on social media to increase your reach and lure people into your store(s).
Make a waitlist and notify your customers when a sold out product becomes available again.

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Host your live shows on the largest social media platform in the world.

Sell live on Instagram via Stories, Reels, Carrousels, or regular image posts.

Why choose when you can have it all? Go live on multiple channels at once.

Integrate with everything

Integrate ELISA with your online store and save hours of manual work.

Offer multiple payment options to make sure that payment is never an obstacle.

Integrate ELISA with your preferred shipping solutions and let automation take over.

Tons of great features

Before your live event

Preparation is key. Schedule your campaign, set up Live Reminders, and more with ELISA.

During your live event

Let ELISA take care of the administration so you can focus on your customers.

After your live event

Continue selling after your event with features such as waitlists and abandoned cart messages.


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